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I had a apt at 8:00 am and they removed my windshield that took one hour and twenty minutes because they where training two young men and then they realized they had the wrong window an i had two wait another hour for a new window to come and then when new window came the two guys that where training where by them self and did not know witch way to glue rubber on i had to let manger know and when it was finished i got on freeway to go home and... Read more

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Scheduling the repair and appointment was very easy. Customer service is very friendly and accommodating. Richie was the tech that arrived for my repair and he was right on time, was very courteous and professional. Took no time at all. He answered all my questions and encouraged me to call if there should be any issue whatsoever. Not a single complaint. I have a Hummer H3 - I have had quite a few rock chips and expect to have many more.... Read more

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I chose another company to replace my windshield, and the company told me that Geico would not pay them enough to replace the windshield, so to go elsewhere. They suggested Safelite because they knew that Geico had an agreement, I suppose based on costs, to replace windshields. I had Safelite replace my windshield, and I heard some cracking noises when driving. I am not sure what that means, but will wait to see if that resolves itself. I was... Read more

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I have to agree that my experience with Safelite was also not a good one. I have a small simple chip on my Mercedes that came from a rock on the Terrible roads of South Carolina. II broken windshield this year. Anyway it is a simple repair I saw YouTube Do It Yourself videos where the chip came out better. Safelite came out and repaired windshield but looks about the same as it did before they came. After research the technique they used was not... Read more

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Well we are all going to need lots and lots of auto glass if the driver I witnessed this morning is representative. 25mph speed zone, back road of Massachusetts, and Safelite AutoGlass truck was tailgating approximately 1 foot off the back bumper of a sedan, pushing it along. Victimized driver who was driving speed limit was basically pushed off the road while Safelite truck drove inches from back bumper and then went by at 50mph. If had not... Read more

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If there was a option to rate negative 1 million stars I would have. My service call started on Thursday April 7th 2016. I was supposed to have a windshield and 5 other pieces of glass repaired. They spent almost 4 hours on one window!! then called in 3 other techs to come help! They toke all severely scratched not broken windows out of the car installed only three!!! The fourth window right passenger window which was removed and upon trying... Read more

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Not a complaint but through my own stupidity I just discovered that the rear passenger door that you replaced the window and mechanism does not lock!! Tab Bray/ Spokane Wa

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I scheduled a windshield replacement and received daily reminders of the coming service at my home. When the day comes I wait. Nobody comes. So I call them and learn "oh, we can only do your model in the shop" "why didn't you say that?" I ask "do you want to reschedule?" he replies "no, I think not," I say. Click. He hung up without a word. So I write to HQ. Couple of days go by with no reply. Another day passes and their automated spam... Read more

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Safelite Autoglass is by far the sorriest company I have ever dealt with!!!! I was supposed to have my windshield replaced last Wednesday --- It has been rescheduled(BY SAFELITE) a number of times -- it is Monday(nearly a week passed my FIRST asppointment and I still have yet to see anyone from Safelite -- If you want your windshield fixed or repaired it would be best to find another company --- THEY DO NOT CARE -- they act like they are... Read more

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In December of 2015, I had my windshield replaced with FY manufacturer glass. This product has proven to be the worst product ! I have had several chips since that installation. Now before you say to me chips happen, I beg to differ. I drove across the state of Illinois for 5 years in that car with the original glass windshield, where rocks hit it on a a daily basis. Not one chip. I would cringe every time a rock hit thinking this was it. NOT... Read more

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