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I am a former employee of Safelite Autoglass, I was not fired or terminated.I worked for their Sacramento CA and locally here in the DFW area and quit my job there because of their poorly trained techs.

basically I got tired of cleaning up after people who had no business replacing auto glass, I WOULDN'T LET ONE OF THEM FIX MY BYCICLE to put it softly. A brief point I want to make is that I have the credentials to say what I am saying now with 10 years in the glass business management and installing. They manufacture their own glass and it is of very poor quality as an installer I had countless incidents of parts not fitting correctly or breaking during installation. I will keep it short by explaining the training these armatures are working with, they have a turn and burn process and put guys that start with no experience and train them for a 90 day period and throw them out on their own to fix your vehicle, are you comfortable with that?

Note the proper replacement of your windshield could be the difference between life and death, you airbags depend on your windshield to operate and in the event of a head on collision or vehicle roll over you could be killed by an improper replacement.

I have witnessed first hand that the adhesive they use is cheap and fails often, failing by not firmly adhering to the glass, trust me I am not a disgruntled employee by any means.I simply want people to do some research on safety and ask the right questions before choosing the company that will perform this service.

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This isn't true.Safelite has the best of the best training, highest quality adhesives and tools.

Windshieds is not just a piece of glass.I been there since 2004 and we have the best and highest quality products and training.


hey you are wrong about that they have you with a mentor until they think you are comfortable being out there on your own and if the tech isn't comfortable yet they should say something. Since you had the experience you should have said something to your manager.


thats why we need union in the auto glass replacement business. they hender their employees from buying glass form their own customers.

to Anonymous #1132575

Union? Thats funny. Union hahaha


I can assure you this isn't a disgruntled; being a former Safelite employee and Manager as well.I bet you are a current employee or Manager, even corporate trying to deflect from the truths that employees as well as consumers deal with on a daily basis.

Its not about the employee, its not about the consumer, its not even about Auto Glass, its the bottom line with Safelite. They work people beyond their abilities and capabilities, stress and no quality of life. They want you to bleed Safelite, but will cut you loose quicker than anything. Trainees are not adequately "trained" and cut loose too soon nor have the backup or help needed, causing a bad name for the company and very good experienced technicians with the company.

While I totally agree with the "former" employee and I have a good idea who he might be....I will agree with the fact that they do use a very good quality urethane and primer, of all my years in glass 20+ they are the best materials have used at a company.


My comprehensive insurance made arrangements for Safelite to replace a broken window against my better judgement.The kid arrived with a piece of glass that looked different from OEM glass in the other doors.

This employee assured me he had experience replacing door glass in Mercedes vehicles. It only took five minutes to determine this glass technician has never removed a door panel on this type of vehicle. The employee got frustrated and damaged the laminate wood by prying on it with a metal tool without removing the fasteners. My door panel is destroyed and replacement parts are no longer in production.

Safelite insists the door was already damaged due to their lack of automotive experience (and responsibility) by their glass technician. There is no question a lack of training and experience exists with a discount chain such as Safelite. Most of these companies hire anyone willing to work who has a clean MVR and background check.

This does not make Safelite employees experts, but just cheap labor to sell their service to penny pinching insurance companies who don't care if your property has substandard repairs or gets damaged by this cheap contractor...The warranty states Safelite is not responsible for any damages except the glass, a completely worthless policy!


You sound like a disgruntled employee with a bad attitude. I know first hand that the urethane they use does exactly what it is supposed to do and will keep the windshield intact in the car. I bet they are glad you quit, I bet you were bad for moral!

South Haven, Michigan, United States #915733

I work for safelite today .2014...

They trained me for 5 weeks in a classroom and shop time and had to take several tests.

The I had to work for 3 month, in shop, before I got a van.I am well trained.

to dman #1233025

Thank you for your honesty as I am a store manager and take great pride in making sure my technicians know what they are doing and across the board Safelite has lass than a 2% warranty rate. Keep up the great work.

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States #902527

dude I been doing this for 16 years and work for them don't be salty cause you wanted to go home on a fri early and got an add on suck it up and deal with it buddy go find another glass co. that has what they offer.

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