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car window was broken,called safelite auto glass to replace. tech came out and told us one part was broken and needed to be replaced, we purchased part and window was replaced but would not close properly, tech informed me i had to press window in for window to close and he left.

called again new tech comes out this time i was told previous tech was just too cold to finish job properly so he fudged it!! this tech fixed window but now window was wobbly. another call another service guy this time window will not close again. was told he had to bend regulator .

another call another service guy, still not working.

complained to customer relations supposedly investigated and all service techs admitted they bent and or adjusted regulator but not really broken they it still works but was probley damaged. they will only pay for half of repair cost when they brokie it!!!

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I read this and know exactly what the problem is. Having inspected work done by Safelite the first place to look is the glass itself.

This company makes their own glass and it is ***. I have seen several window replacements where the glass has a bad curve that doesn't follow the original shape and that causes windows not to go up all the way and also bends regulators when they try to force the glass to go up and down. Do yourself a favor . .

. find another glass company and ask for high quality parts !!


I want to comment on the wonderful experience I had with safelite. It started with the agent at the national call center.

He was pleasant, well spoken but most importantly, patient. I am 39 years old and purchased my FIRST windshield (how many times can you possibly have do it). He explained the process, quoted a price and scheduled an appointment. I had an option for garage service the next day or road service two days later.

When I arrived at the facility I was greeted by name (he must look at his workload- good job) even though they were busy. I told the guys to take thier time and that I will be back at four o'clock after work (it is 9:30 am). I arrived at the facility and again was greeted by name. The technician explained the warranties and completed my paperwork.

It was nice to deal with the same person before and after the sale. The experience was perfect. The complaint above may have some merit and safelite should pay attention. After all, how many windshields is a person going to buy in a lifetime.

With that being said, "GET YOUR WINDSHIELD FIXED AT THIS PLACE. THE SERVICE WAS GREAT". In the event I need another windshield, I will be returning to safelite.

Kudos to the call center trainers (you are good at your jobs) and the team at the Safelite location on Frankstown road in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. I am a promoter!


I'm incredibly sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. It's unacceptable that our technicians would not do the job properly the first time. I'll be happy to personally investigate this situation on your behalf. Please e-mail your contact and/or work order details to

Again, I apologize for the frustration.


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