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The Safelight technician that replaced my windshield damaged the dashboard. Several calls later, pictures taken by a technician, also called adjuster. Same afternoon I was to receive a call from the store manager. Three days went by and no call so I called the Warranty Department who called the store manager that said his technicians could have not have damaged the dashboard. OMG! The technician had to replace the rearview mirror that is mounted... Read more

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I was sent to satellite by my insurance co. I went and after check-in my ES350 I was told did not have in stock, but would order. Called and told wind shield was in. However it was not correct item, told someone forgot to check my vin #. Second round trip of 60 miles each. Called again and told my item was in. 1 mile away a man called and reminded me of my appointment. When I arrived was told my item was still in a warehouse somewhere. ... Read more

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Had front windshield replaced on my minivan. First thing I noticed when I got home was my antenna was missing. I had to drive 40 miles round trip to get it and they just handed it to me did not install it. A week later I went to use my windshield washers and they did not work. They did not connect the hose under the cowl. I had to remove the cowl and connect it.Three weeks later the rear view mirror fell off. I reinstalled it myself because I... Read more

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I had Safelite come out to repair a very small divot in my windshield last week while I was at work, they said it wouldn't be a problem to just do the repair and have me pay ahead of time, so I wouldn't need to be bothered while at work. They came, did the repair, and left without checking in with me (which is fine, that's what we had planned). However, at the end of the day I came out to my car and there was a larger CRACK in my windshield,... Read more

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TV ads claim "anywhere in the U.S. when in fact they do not. A zip code search for my area returns "Sorry, service not available". I am sure I am not the only one, how do they get away with such blatant false claims? Companies like this are why TV advertising is basically just annoying noise interrupting the show. Of course repeated emails to them regrding this issue go unanswered. TV ads claim "anywhere in the U.S. when in fact they do... Read more

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I was told that I needed to purchase their wipers when I had a chip repaired. I did so the first time we used them the one on the passenger side flew off. We were parked so I snapped it back on. Then we were in a heavy down pour in traffic and the one on the drivers side flew off and we lost it. Thank goodness we were about half a mile from Walmart so we made it there and got replacements. When I called safelite to tell them what happened I was... Read more

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We had contacted Safelite to repair a minor crack in the windshield a few months ago. There had been no need to replace it. However, a few days ago, in the span of a few hours, the crack grew dramatically to the point the windshield was practically cracked from top to bottom, save a few inches. We immediately contacted Safelite again and had them replace the windshield. After waiting two hours, they called us explaining that they had replaced... Read more

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I scheduled two windshield replacements on the same day...June 15, 2016. One was a company truck and was paid for in advance. The second vehicle was my personal vehicle that was replaced by Safelite in July 2015. I did not call in for a warranty repair, but Michelle in Ohio asked me to go to the car and inspect the crack. She asked me about any chips, stars etc, and there were none. I was told that it would be replaced under warranty. When... Read more

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Poor quality of promised services associated with rear window replacement. Minimal at best. Personnel friendly. Building location & condition poor. Parking inconvenient & inadequate.

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Thanks to safelite we got a really fast appt to get our kia fixed thanks to a *** who broke our back glass out we have used safelite before they was awsome then so we came back and once again they were awsome from the office people to our tech who worked on our car we r so very thankful for u guys thank u all so very much our tech was awsome went threw the whole process with us explained everything to a tee wonderful service Read more

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