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I want to recommend that no one use Safelite to repair or install a windshield. The company does not honor their agreement to repair or replace a broken windshield.

I had my windshield replace less than a year ago by safelite and a few days ago while I was driving home from work my glass starting making this cracking sound. The next day on my way to work I happened to look at the glass down near the windshield wipers and their was a crack in the windshield. I phoned safelite customer service and they setup an appointment for a technician to inspect my car to see if it was covered under warranty as a stress crack. After arriving very late to my job the tech informed me that it would not be covered due to something hitting the windshield.

I informed him that I knew for sure nothing hit my windshield. As we were talking he started jabbing my windshield with this tool and telling me this is the reason why it is not covered. When I felt the spot that he was poking at I said sir this was not like this, this morning. Before I left my home that morning I felt and inspected the glass to see maybe if something did hit it.

It was smooth and no dings and grooves. After he got finished poking and doing what he was doing I felt the area and it was rough and it looked as if something hit it. I called them the next day and they said that it was not covered and that I could get a second opinion from a manager at one of their sites.

To *** with safelite I will replace my glass but not with them. I know that nothing hit my car and I feel like they just did not want to honor their commitment to replace a defective windshield.

Monetary Loss: $203.

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We have 2 windshields to replace, I will go somewhere else. They would have been out a whole $203?

Give me a break, they should of replaced it. The just lost the cost of 2 windshields!

Hope it was worth it for this company to have done this 2 you. Thanks for the heads up I will go elsewhere.


if you will read the warranty it states that if in 30 days of installation

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #833585

{{Redacted}}. Always people out there trying to get something for nothing. This tech could've gotten fired for your lies and not been able to provide for his/ her family!


Let me start of by saying that I have been in the automotive repair and parts industry for 10 years now. I had the windshield in my jeep repaired a little over a year ago and was told by the tech that the repair had a lifetime warranty and would be replaced if the chip became worse.

A week ago I came out to my jeep to see the windshield had cracked the entire length of the glass. I called safelite and began to set up an appointment to have the glass replaced and at the end of the call I was quoted 250 for the repair.

I asked about the lifetime warranty and was told since I had changed insurance companies that my old company would get a reimbursement check for the original repair but I would have to pay for the replacement windshield. I don't approve of this business practice of lieing to customers and will never do business with them again.


We had 2 tiny chips in the windshield and he came out to repair it, which resulted in a stress crack. He filled that in and said you wont have any more problems with it, it's just an eyesore.

Well here I am 2 days later, got in the car to leave and the stress crack went across my winshield, down, and back up. One lady said they would discount me to have them replace the winshield and only charge like $200! I dont think we should have to pay anything!

I'm calling again monday. I'm sure we'll end up just going to a body shop and paying for it!


people r a joke i own my own glass company people think they get a chip repair done and they think its going to disappear if i can do that i would put all auto glass companies out of buisiness but i will say this about safelite they manufacture their own glass and 65 percent of it is garbage quality i can purchase it for my company and i will not it doesnt fit correctly but to be perfectly honest other manufacterers that used to make quality glass r now also making garbage quality glass i went from having eleven trucks on the road to none fired all my employees and am now doing it on my own because its not worth the liability anymore when getting ur windshield replaced go wit small guy stay away from million dollar companies they r rip offs

Tracy, Minnesota, United States #260152

Safelite replaced my windwhield on Monday. Three days later, on Wednesday, a crack formed from the edge of the glass out, coming from under the frame.

Monday, when they replaced my glass, was the 4th time I have used Safelite, with no previous problems. Monday's work was covered under warranty because the crack had no impact point, and the tech agreed it was due to workmanship or faulty glass. However, this time, THREE DAYS after installation, the Technician says he sees an impact point and it will not be covered under warranty. I believe that is complete BS and shady.

He says their tools or the Tech could not have caused the impact during glass replacement. I told him to leave and I would deal with a different company going forward. Because this is 3 days after replacement, I feel it is due to workmanship. I filed a complaint with the BBB.

My husband also contacted the Honda dealership. My vehicle is an 04 Element. The dealer says that Honda issued written procedures on glass replacement for 03-04 Elements and Safelite did not follow those procedures resulting in the crack, and therfore should be responsible for the replacement.

I had never had a problem with them before and have never disputed any work they have done in the past, but they messed up this warranty repalcement and refuse to take action. They have lost a customer, and if I have anything to do with it, they will lose more.


The general public doesn't know anything about the windshields. I have alot of customers state that there windshield Mysteriously just started cracking.

There is no such thing. 9 times out of 10 something hits the windshield so dont go blaming the technician for you being ignorant or too blind to see that something struck your windshield. Do your research before you go accusing the technician of a shotty job and you have to look really close for a chip sometimes.

Another thing is that a technicians tool will not put a chip in the glass unless he has all his wait on it and it is very doubtful of that. Its just another example of someone trying to get something for nothing.

to Safelite tech Snellville, Georgia, United States #775682

Your attitude and company sucks!!!

to Safelite tech #1470985

he spelled weight wait lmao. done

Budapest Xxi. Keruelet, Budapest, Hungary #177050

Safelite is a terrible company. I received an e-mailed quote from them to replace my windshield for about $265. When the technician arrived they tried to charge me over $750 for the job. After 2 hours on the phone - where I had to scan in the quote they sent me and prove that I was not lying, they finally accepted the quote they has originally given me and the technician was told to complete the work for the quoted amount.

A week later I received a call from a state agency claiming that Safelite had passed my details onto them for a claim that one of their vehicles damaged my windshield and the state agency had to pay Safelite $680 for a replacement windshield. I was shocked. I had never had any dealing with the state agency and had never made any claims for the windshield replacement.

This is a clear case of insurance fraud. Even after hours on the phone with a very unhelpful agent who claimed that all of the previous people I had dealt with including the technician who had replaced my windshield and the two additional supervisors were all on vacation and could not confirm my details or original quoted price.

The situation has still not been resolved. And to make matters worse the windshield was fitted very badly, the seal is pealing away and the car was left dirty.

Safelite has VERY bad customer service and does terrible work. I would suggest that everyone who has used this company be very wary as they have already passed on all my personal information for insurance claims which are not valid.

I would never have even known had the state agency not called to confirm my licence plate.


Safelite windshield cracked in the heat last week. I took it to the installer and the "technician" said a rock broke the windshield and it is not covered.

He pointed out a spot on the crack less than the size of a pinhead down near the edge of the glass. The crack runs half the length of the windshield and occurred while parked. After the "professional technician" disavowed the repair, I called the Safelite consumer care line to file a complaint.

During the call, the operator stated her system went down while she was finding me another location for a second opinion. Still awaiting her return call.


No matter what the Safelite tech says, the customer is always right and no matter how much you want to call them an ***, they just don't get it.

I have been to tons of repair jobs and and no matter what I say to them, it goes in one ear and out the other.

Why cant someone just trust the guy that tells you what the problem is and if you don't like his/her answer is, go get a second opinion from another shop, or ask them to send out another tech to look at the crack.

I am not paid per job, so I have nothing to gain or lose by telling you the truth or a lie.

to Little Fish #896379

little fish i put a ws in for a lady 11-17-2010 4 years ago and last week it started leaking 2014 and now she wants me to fix it should i fix it


Someone that doesn't know how to spell shouldn't be let out of high school--forget college.


First of all you will be lucky if they keep the appt!! 2nd of all the idiots they send don't even know why they are coming!!!

That's the experience I have had with them!! Never again!!!


i love how people say they are informed consumers, but have had no training in the field they are so informed in.how can you say you are informed if you have never installed or taken a class on how to install or repair glass?all you no is what you read here or experience by other people.people are misinformed by others"bad experiences."people believe that they know everything and because they spent there hard earned cash they believe they are entitled to more than what they really are.if you want to be an informed consumer than be one.talk to someone who is in the field first before you get a service done so if anything goes wrong you will know something is wrong not assume that someone is misinforming you!!!!!!!!!and when you get a window installed in your car listen to what the installer tells you before he starts, listen to what he says don't just say ya ya sign then complain you were never informed.


to all you who posted a response to try and save the so called reputation of safelite just know this. The company is a fraud and they are a bunch of crooks. There are some informed consumers out here and not all of us look to cheat the system we just want these crooks to honor what they advertise and not steal from hard working americans who try and do the right thing.


You general public slay me. Do you blame the oncologist when the Cancer comes back?

Do you blame the Dentist when the filling fails? Why blame the Glass technician when your chip repair fails or you have a minor leak with your install. You want us to come to you in any weather, and repair or replace your glass, and expect showroom quality with your vehicle. If you want perfection, listen to the glass company that is going to do your work, and trust them as the experts.

If they say it is to cold, then it is to cold. If they tell you that since the rock chip is six months old, the appearence after the repair will not change, listen to them. If they tell you that there is a chance the repair will crack out during the repair process, listen to them. Most importantly, educate yourself before you have any work done.

In our industry, we strive to be the best at what we do. It is very hard to meet customer expectations, when dealing with an un, or underinformed consumer.

to Gl***man #1089493

Out of the 449 reviews and countless comments on this website. This is truly the only one that makes logical sense.

People do not understand like you said. Had this happen Monday called the customer told them it was too cold and winds were gusting like crazy and of course you get the typical response like the people complaining on here "I NEED TO GET DOWNE TODAY OR I WILL CALL MY INSURANCE COMPANY!" Ok go out there get the job done (glue dries up before I can even go pick up the glass to set it) get a call today one day later. (I can't believe you made my car leak it sounds like a tornado in my car!) really people) take this guys advice and listen to your tech I mean ***.

You are apparently way too busy and your schedule is too packed to reschedule for better weather. But you sure can find a way to clear that schedule to complain and make a new appointment.

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