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The teck said you may see a slight blimish but the crackes are still there $50 for what? Safelite autoglass 4625 W 86th Indianapolis.

The tech was great nice guy but the results were ***! Whish he would had been onest and said I needed a new windshield. The scam is doa bad job fixing it and offer to take the $50 off a new windshield. They want $280 + disposale and tax after taking the $50 off.

Glass Master quoted me $210 no disposale fee. They never hear of a disposal fee.

must be another part of there scam. Stay away!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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there is no disposel fee. they claim that the garbage company charges them more to remove the glass.

most of the shops ive been in share a common garbage can with other businesses. its a b s fee.


ThatBMe, put away the bong. Please.

Your own shop location may match or beat any price quoted to you by another provider, but absolutely nobody in either of the call centers has that authority. We're all slaves to whatever the SV2 system says we can price.

And with respect to the poor cosmetic appearance of his repair, I wish they didn't run those incredibly deceptive TV commercials. They make it look like magic.

Voila! The crack has disappeared!


It sounds to me that the tech who did the repair did his job by explaining how a repair is not going to disappear. Repairs are for structual integrity, not a cosmetic fix.

It is the customers choice in deciding to proceed with the repair. Sometimes the repair will turn out with little noticable scars; but I will always try and keep the customers expectations low because of how a customer is hoping the repair will look. If you are not happy with the results; the amount paid will be applied to a new windshield, or if an insurance claim the ammount will be refunded to your insurance provider. Also, as a Safelite employee; we want to satisfy you as a customer.

Safelite will match, or beat any price quoted to you by another provider. As for repairing the windshield, I try to remind a customer that it is glass we are working with. It was broken when they brought it in. I will do the best I can, and I am fortunate to have access to the best state of the art equipment for the repair.

If you would have taken it to most other services, using the standard repair methods still being used by most of those services. The repair would probably have been more noticeable because of drilling into glass to release any stress.


There is no such thing as a crack repair that will make the crack disappear. You will ALWAYS see a remainder of the crack.

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