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The crack they repaired last year didn't stay fixed. When I called and asked them to come and re-repair it, they said they couldn't repair the same spot twice.

They then offered me a new windshield (which they sell) for $300. When I passed on a new windshield from a company that didn't honor their guarantee, she offered to try to re-fix the same spot (for $85). Needless to say, when the guy gets here, I'm gonna pass.

Find another solution for your windshield, this company is a scam.

I see the responses the glass techs are posting, but hey, if this many people are all complaining about the same issue, it's hard to counter that.

Safelite sells new windshields and selling them is their goal. The repair process is a scam to get you into their web.

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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What else could they do? No magic wands in their toolbox. geez


you calling the customer " ***" only proves what the company thinks about customers , good job... is that how your techs should act , Jennifer???

mayby there is some truth to all these complaints .

oh and by the way , why did they offer to come back and re repair it for more money after they already said that they can't re repair it??? what a joke.


Read your receipt, ***. Exactly what Jennifer said is stated clearly right on your paperwork.

And on your e-mail confirmation. And when the tech is there to do the repair.

We DO guarantee the repair- if it keeps cracking, we credit what you paid towards a new windshield. Repairing a big piece of glass that must withstand the pressure of 70mph winds on the highway and the stress of your car flexing is pretty amazing and generally works well, but it's really just a last ditch effort to save the glass that your cheap *** should have just replaced from the get go.


Jennifer, You must be pulling your hair out everyday. I used to run a shop for Safelite and can see you must be under extreme stress.

You have to read and listen to all the issue's that come your way from so many UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS. I dealt with this for 12 0f the 15 years I was a store manager. If you are who I think you are Jennifer, you yourself know how fast Safelite has gone down the tubes. Safelite use to be a great company with associates that cared about the service they gave to the customer but now since Belron/US came in to the picture it's gone down hill fast.

It's sad to see. I still talk with alot of technicians and they just don't care. Get paid less,get yelled at and threathened almost on a daily bases. Are given 7,8,9 jobs a day.

Come on, If you really care about Safelite let Tom Fenny know or maybe not cause it will just get you fired.

You'll be labeled a trouble maker not a concerned employee. Take care Jennifer and good luck.


To be honest, crack repairs will eventually fail. Chip repairs stand a better chance.

Safelite should be upfront and recommend replacement because they know these crack repairs fail and they get to sell you products twice. Oh, and to force cheap wiper blades down your throat at a greatly inflated price.

Think your insurance company is picking up the tab? Think again, you'll eventually end up paying for this.


I'm terribly sorry, but we are unable to repair the same spot twice. You simply can't fix something that's already been fixed. If the repair failed, our guarantee states that we will gladly credit the cost of the repair toward a new windshield. In most cases, the repair will hold for the life of the vehicle. In other, more rare cases the repair does not hold and a replacement is required to ensure the structural integrity of the glass is restored.

Keep in mind that we serve more than 4 million customers per year, so the small percentage of customers that have issues with repair can seem like a lot. However, what you often won't see is a follow-up post stating how we've resolved the issue to their satisfaction and turned their experience around.

I'm happy to try to do the same for you if you'd please e-mail your contact information to I again apologize for any frustration and hope that we're able to do what we can to turn you into one of our millions of delighted customers.

Thanks, Jennifer

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