disappointed with safelite service. they suppose to be number one glass company and yet couldn't fix a 1/2" chip properly!! What a shame!

days after repair service was rendered my windshield begin to crack and spread. called with complaint and there response was to try and sell me a windshield! no thanks.

Will buy windshield local from small business. Were they still know how to treat their customers.

my insurance paid for the chip repair, so they claim they would credit the insurance company back the money. don't know if to believe that or not. will contact the insurace company to let them know that they need to recommend a different company will dealing with auto glass.

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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If repairable....ALL repairs will work and last. I good tech will be able to identify if your windshield is repairable.

I've been repairing for 15 years and have never had a chip repair returned to be after failing. I have had a few crack repairs fail, which is a completely different repair.

Safelite does not have a superior product to anyone else out there as stated by one of they employees on this site. If you need a repair done, fine a local guy who has been at this for a while....there is a reason he is still in business.

Safelite "techs" may have only been at this for a few weeks or less and believe me, understanding glass has a large learning curve.


the purpose of a repair is to prevent the spread of the crack/chip.. While I'm not fond of safelite, I know that in our own warranty it says that there is always a possibility that the chip can crack out...a repair basically tries to bond two pieces of broken glass back together...its BROKEN GLASS...9$% of the time it works...unfortunately for you you had a bad repair..Try novus...they invented chip repair


Have you looked up the meaning of repair???

Have you ever had anything repaired?? You expect it to be back to working condition, a fix all to end all! That is what most people would consider a repair. That is just plain common sense. The world needs more of that. Safelite is reaping people off. I guess you work for them?

If Safelite can not repair a chip, why would this man trust them with a windshield???


Do remember that repairs are not a fix all to end all. Not every single repair is going to work.

Of course if the repair failed they're going to offer you a new windshield. What did you want, another company to repair a repair?

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