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To get a windshield chip repaired or not? That is the question!

Option 1 - Do not get it repaired.

Possible Outcomes

1. Nothing happens.

2. The chips spreads and you have to replace your windshield.

Option 2 - Get it repaired.

Possible Outcomes.

1. It works.

2. It doesn't work and you have to replace it.

According to Safelite Autoglass the average cost of a replacement windshield is $400. They sell you their service by preying on your fears of having to pay either your deductible or the cost of the new windshield. When we weigh the cost it paying the $65 or, if your insurance covers the repair, getting it for free this looks like a great deal. What you will never see on the paperwork you sign is the percentage of failed repairs is 3%. That seems like a small amount and you will probably agree to get the work done. Here is why I will never pay to get my windshield repaired again.

If I take Option 2 and get my windshield repaired, they will bill my insurance $65 and my average out of pocket cost is $7.47 for each repair. How is this possible? If my out of pocket cost for a successful repair is $0 but a failed repair costs me $250, my deductible, and the repairs fail 3% of the time, it averages out to $7.47.

Right now you are probably asking yourself how often not fixing a chipped windshield turns into a repalcement. Well I can't answer that, but I can tell you how often it would need to happen to equal the same average out of pocket cost of getting it repaired, 3%.

What is the cost to your insurance company? On average it costs your insurance company $69.47 per repair.

What does Safelite get out of these? Well Safelite averages $76.97 per repair.

Last year Safelite did over 1 million chip repairs. If 3% of those fail, 30,000 new winshields required a replacement. At an average cost of $400 each they made $12 million in windshield replacements while their repairs brought in over 63 million dollars. The total cost to you and I for getting those repairs was about $7.5 million dollars.

The million dollar question is, can you trust someone to do a good job when failure is more rewarding? I suppose you could always ask the fox to guard the hen house. Let me know how that turns out.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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Just get a better insurance policy. It's not the companies fault that you have a $250 deductible.


Over the past 20 yrs we've had need of Safelite several times. They've always been very professional and never pushed any hidden agenda on us.


You indict them for running a scam -- yet the scam has a 97% success rate, which they warn you about + the dollars of which they back by converting them to the windshield sale. Formulas like this meet the very best expectations of ethics and fairness.

Tells me the consumer is better taking the repair as a first step, too. Plus the cost is deducted from a replacement, so your theory is blown out of the water. It must be so sad to be so cynical. But of course everyone is out to get you, which is why everyone else is making money and you're griping about pennies.

Do you skip out on surgery when 97% of patients experience the desired result? Safelite is one of the best businesses I have ever dealt with, and they are cheap.

You likely hate hearing that, but most people just want more money to spend on stuff that does not serve them. Be happy!


Agreed. This author is a chump living off his mom’s allowance.

Crying over 97% success rate? Sorry Jesus Christ isn’t repairing your windshield and massaging your feet at the same time. If you’ve ever repaired anything, literally anything in your life, you’d understand that your words tell us all that you are a complete idiot.Try having real bills to pay. $250 would be a dream.

I’ll take 97% every time, but you can cry in the corner wanting your participation ribbon and hug. Show me the facts ***


The key thing you forgot is Safelites Repair Guarantee. Regardless of whether a customer pays out of pocket or through insurance (although this example tends to favor those paying out of pocket), if you have a chip repaired and the damage continues to spread then the cost you paid for the repair is deducted from the cost of replacing your windshield.

So, let's say you have a chip that you pay $65 to have repaired.

However, two weeks later the damage has spread and now you need a new windshield. Safelite will deduct the $65 from the cost to replace your windshield.


Good try at attempting to make sense. But no, just no. You failed miserably.


Not to mention if you choose the "free repair" your insurance will go up


No it doesn't!


It costs them less to have the repair done than to pay out a claim so, just as with the out of pocket cost, wouldn't they want to give you incentive to choose the less expensive option?


I personally have had about 8 repairs in 20 years of driving... Not one time has my windshield needed replacing.

As for the math above, I am not even going to try... this guys logic is so bad that it is obvious there is no reasoning with him. A company that could make 400 Million by doing nothing but replacing windshield instead of 12 Million.. Seems to me they are trying to help the customer.

I have used safelite every time I could and been nothing but super happy with it. No I don't work for Safelite!


It's a argument that has no winner, some bulls sharpen there horns while others believe in the guarantee. No reason not to try the chip repair when there deducting the fail off a new replacement. How about them yankees..lol


*their Also *their


No, your out of pocket cost does not equal $7.47. You don't get to average out over dozens of repairs, because you're only getting one.

Your understanding of statistics is obviously terrible.


I was going to say something similar. Actually, the understanding of statistics is spot on - the problem is statistics that talk about averages & means don't make sense when you are dealing with a single instance. The writer's logic is the problem, since a single individual isn't getting all the repairs done


Your logic is flawed in one way. If they intentionally fail the repair, then more than 3% would fail and then people won't use their service as much. I mean, why would I constantly go to a burger place if they keep making my order wrong.


Whataburger *** my order up almost every week. I still go.


Because it is Whataburger and it's good even when they *** it up!


People talk about windshield repair is not good, thats because you got it fixed where the shop dont have a lifetime warranty like mostly all shops have so if it cracks you bring in your receipt and receive a brand new winshield without ever having to come out of the pocket. People with bad experiences just got the wrong person to repair their windshield.


Next time consider a company that has a lifetime warranty. Did you inquire with Safelite about the warranty?


This guy is a *** Seriously, *** your tin foil hat. When safelite does a repair they're attempting to save the windshield.

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