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I called to get a quote they gave me a price 97.00 more than anywhere else. I went with someone else and now they still won't stop calling my cell phone.

In one week I have gotten 27 phone calls!!! Their call center calls and doesn't leave messages (800)800-2727 and the Sales department keeps calling me asking if I am interested! (877)349-4527.. After calling them numerous times asking them to remove my number they continue to Call!!

I am calling corporate on Monday 614-210-9000 and filing a complaint with BBB. They harass you!!!

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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OK i work with tis company and i tottaly agree with this the call centers right to dial phone numbers should be revoked they should leave that up to the paticular shop dealing with the customer so we can fix the problem at the source


Good for you, its nice to see fellow consumers using their right to choose any shop they want. A good rule of thumb is never go where your insurance company tells you to. They aren't sending you there because they are the best, its because they are the cheapest.


Actually we keep calling because safelite is a piece of ***, and there is NO way to notate a work order for no call back. I'm pretty sure that the amount of times we call a person in a day is illegal.

Here's an IDEA! Fix our outrageous prices, and then we don't have to bother and *** people off. BTW the call center in Columbus ( corporate) is a joke. ALL of the Floor managers are *** dumb.

I'm almost certain there is no method behind the madness. WE all might as well work in a concentration camp, we cant even take a *** without having our job threatened.


I'm terribly sorry to hear that! Our associates typically note the accounts of anyone they are trying to call - and tend to leave voicemail whenever necessary. Please e-mail your contact details to so that I can research this issue.



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