First of all I filled out an application, was told to have a seat only to be told 30 mins later to come in for an assessment. Arrived early, waited an hour to take a simple series of test.

Had two weeks of training, that was not helpful at all. The number you call for your insurance company goes directly to safelite (auto glass, homeowners, accidents, workmans comp, etc. Do you really think those poor people in the call center can help you.

Insurance is a fraud, everyone works in call center and not for the companies. Beware and Be nice!

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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when does the drug test come into play after receiving my acceptance email/ wage offer?

would I take the test before onboarding or during? ive smoke a little pot and concerned on when they will be conducting the actual test.


You only have to pass a drug test once. You can come to work out of your skull every day after that.

Seriously, some people can't handle dealing with all of the complaints from customers and management telling you what you are doing wrong.

I am the actual, caring person on the other end. I don't want to see you get ripped off or given the run around.

If you are given a lower cash quote from another company, take it and never call Safelite back. A lot of other glass businesses get their glass from Safelite.

Long after I am gone from Safelite I will continue to fight for you. If they fire me, that's great! Unemployed people have nothing to do except spend time online...


You sound like a crackhead! Are you sure you passed the drug test.


After reading your total piece of nonsense, I think they exercised extremely poor judgment in hiring you in the first place. You obviously were unqualified.

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