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Safelite Auto Glass in Maple Grove Minnesota. A rear window in my van broke in November 2010.

It was replaced by Safelite Auto Glass in Maple Grove Minnesota. In October 2011, the window fell out. The adhesive did not do what it was supposed to do. They guarantee their work and it was covered under their warranty.

However, what in the world did they do wrong when they installed it in November 2010 such that it FELL OUT less than one year later? It bothered me to have to deal with this at all, but to top it off they had horrible customer service. They did not keep in contact with me about when it would be fixed. In fact, it was impossible to reach a real live person at the Maple Grove office.

Instead, I was transferred to Executive Service Team at Safelite, which I believe is in Ohio. They should have been on top of this to get it fixed fast and tell me what was going on. Instead, I had to call them back to find out what was going on. It took six days to get it replaced and installed.

There is no excuse for the delay. Since this was an error on their part, I would expect them to do everything in their power to cause the least amount of inconvenience for me. But they did not. In fact, I felt that my work order for warranty work was at the very bottom of their list.

There was no money involved for them, so why should they hurry, right? They denied my request for a rental car, even though I told them I had to drive 200 miles for work one day this week and the car was not driveable with plastic over the window for that distance. The manager at the Maple Grove store would not even talk to me. Instead, he spoke to someone at the Executive Service team and she relayed his message to me (which was, "no rental car" and "it will get fixed in a few days".

How awful is that -- to not even have the guts to speak to the customer directly. I will never use the services of Safelite Auto Glass ever again -- at any location.

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I had safelite to come to my home and repair my windshield on my 2007 ford focus on jan 7 2012 on a saturday afternoon.after they left it looked like they had not even touched it.the broucher was left and it said mark left is normal.what a joke they are clamining to repair windshields but it still looks the same as it did before they came.i am calling the better business on these people.

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