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On 05/27/2013 we contacted our insurance company in reference for a glass replacement for our vehicle, Our insurance informed us they only cover windshields so we would have to pay out of pocket and they put us in contact with Safelite Auto Glass Solutions so we can make a appointment for a tech to come out and replace our drivers side rear quarter glass on our 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan. The soonest Safelite could come out was 5/30/2013 between 8am-12noon so I went ahead and schelduled that appointment as I was unable to take the vehicle to get the glass replaced due to prior obligations.

On 5/30/2013 approximately 8:30am a safelite tech named Joseph Biondolillo arrived at my home. He asked me to sign a paper so he could get started and I did, He told me it would take between 60-90 minutes to replace the window. Approximately 25 mintues later he told me he was done and I looked at the window from a distance and it did not match any of the other windows, The window we ordered was suppouse to be privacy glass with aftermarket tint. I asked him why it did not match and he told me he does not do tint and I was to call his boss "Bob" and he would take care of it so I paid and he left.

I went back into the house and tryed to get ahold of his boss "Bob" and left 2 messages also had contacted the corparate executive services regarding the tint. The first representative I spoke to at executive services explained to me that the wrong part must have been ordered and he indeed seen on the work order it stated that it was suppose to have privacy glass and aftermarket tint. He was also having trouble reaching the shop and he was going to return my call after he got in touch with the shop regarding my tint I agreed and waited, During this time I had to run down to the corner store and when I got into my vehicle to back out of my driveway I looked into my drivers side mirror and noticed the bottom of the window was sticking out. I got out to verify and sure enough it was sticking out about 1/8th of an inch on the whole bottom of the glass.

I drove to the corner store and the whole ride the window was leaking air and vibrating bad, I thought the window was going to break. I got back to my house and by this time several hours passed by and I still have not recieved a phone call back from Bob or corparate. I called corporate executive services and explained the situation again about the tint and also the 1/8th of an inch gap, This time I spoke to a female rep she informed me that they were going to listen to the phone calls to verify that when the glass was ordered originally we ordered a window with privacy and aftermarket tint, She put me on hold for about 15 minutes to listen to the calls. she also informed me the window was the correct part for our vehicle and the gentlemen I spoke with prior to her was "new to the corporate office" and gave me incorrect information.

The lady at executive services said they were going to have to charge the call center for the tint where we spoke with originally when we ordered the window and made the appointment if indeed they did advise me that we would have privacy glass and tint, which she was insisting we were lying. She said we have the tint issue being handled now lets deal with the 1/8th inch of a gap at the bottom of the window and she placed me on hold and she was able to reach "Bob" and we had a 3 way phone call. I explaned to Bob the window did not have tint but the tint situation was being handled by executive services and something was wrong with the glass as the bottom of the window was not sitting flush. He told me my van was damaged and something was bent ect ect.

I told him nothing was damaged and my van was never involved in a accident ect. He told me I would have to bring it to the shop to have it looked at and I explained I could not go as I had prior obligations hence the reason why I ordered mobile service to get the window replaced in the first place. He then proceeded to tell me he could not get a tech out to look at it untill Monday 6/3/2013. He was very arguementive with me and I explained my children ride in the van and I was scared the window was going to break when driving as it was making wind noise and vibrating real bad.

He told me I had to wait until 6/3/2013 for a tech to come out so I had no choice to wait as I could not bring the van to his shop he then released from the call then the lady at executive services advised me she could not listen to the calls she then informed me it could take up to two weeks to review the calls I then asked her why she had me on hold for 15-20 min and advised me in the beginning of the call that she could listen to them. I requested a manager and she then placed me on another long hold and when she returned to the line she stated there was no manager available at that time. I advised her I will wait and she said I could not do that and She told me her manager was going to call me back in 1-2 hours as her manager was in a meeting and her manager would get the situation rectifyed. After about 3 hours we did not recieve any call.

Later on in the evening of 5/30/2013 the tech that installed the window called me and told me he was about 5 miles away and he was going to come by and look at it. He did show up and tryed to adjust the window to no avail. He agreed with me something was wrong with the glass and nothing was damaged on my vehicle and he was going to tell his boss "Bob" that something was infact wrong with the glass and told me I would be hearing from his boss within a couple of hours. I never recieved a phone call from anyone.

I have called and tried to get in touch with "Bob" and each time they make up an excuse like he's doing a window install or he's on the phone with executive services with a customer and I told them I would wait on hold and they told me it would be a while so they insisited I leave a message and he would get back to me. I have left "Bob" 3 messages and he still has not called me back, I feel he is trying to avoid me. All 3 times I did call and try to get in touch with "Bob" I did record the calls, If you provide me with a email address I would be more then happy to send you the recordings. I have tried to reach out to this merchant numerous times and nothing is being done, I need to pay for another window that is safe and also matches and for the install.

Safelite Auto Glass Solutions did not provide or do what I paid them for. First I do not feel safe driving my vehicle especially with my children in it as this window leaks air and is violently vibrating when driving and it will only be a matter of time before the window breaks.

Also the window was suppose to be privacy glass and aftermarket tint. They charged me $283.55

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Part Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $284.

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Amite, Louisiana, United States #703887

Just for the record, I own a glass shop, I do NOT work for Safelite. Some glass comes factory privacy tinted.

We do not tint glass. I've never heard that Safelite tints glass either, but that doesn't mean they don't. Also, there are some cases where the glass is mis-formed when made by the manufacturer or company that makes it. There are different people that make the same type glass, such as Chinese or aftermarket glass & there is OEM parts(Original Equipment).

I've been told by some that Safelite makes some of their own glass(don't know if this is true) if this is the case the it could have been made wrong. I've even had OEM parts that weren't made just right, I ordered another & it fit just fine. That's it as far as parts. Now for Safelite themselves, I had a customer call 2 days ago & her insurance company recommended Safelite.

She called them & got a quote, then asked about a warranty & they told her that if it leaked or anything was wrong with it after they installed it, that it was on her, she would have to pay again to have it fixed. In return, she called us a LOCALLY owned glass shop!


I have been working for Safelite for several years and every year seems to get worse and not ainy better! Safelite started to make us use the what they call the true seal and eazy-wire, and ever since I've started to use thease tool that are sapose to make things better but I havent seem it.

I have cut more car pillers, headliners, and the worse of all pinchwelds, and for those that don'nt know what a pinchweld is (it's the body of the car.) We are told every day it's about quality but I don't know how quality fits in with slaming us with 7-8 jobs a day when we where told with the new tools we where going to get 4-5 jobs a day so we could take our time and so we could do so called quality work.

So to tell everyone who reads this Safelite messes more cars up with thease so called better tools than lets say the shop down the street. I just whant to let people know how Safelite really is, and I'm still waiting to see Our People First CEO on undrcover boss so he can see what realy goes on than just sitting in a big office acting like he cares about the front line!


Ok so just to set the record straight the calls are all recorded and first the insurance company did indeed steer us to safelight we called 21st and followed prompts and was routed to safelight through call to 21at then the 3 different reps we spoke to which again recorded calls all stated window would be privacy and tint 3rd company brought VERY cheap glass that did not fit right and they are responsible to correct issue as there is no damage to vehicle as verified by dodge and 4th my vehicle was purchased w tint through the dealership to block Sun rays as my husband is disabled and direct sun makes him sick it's not like its tinted out and tricked out its a family vehicle that works for my children and my husband so those of you who are quick to judge and leave rude remarks I hope this situation happens to you so you can experience what we have. Also as for my complaint my window has a gap and leaks and can be very very dangerous and as for the tint to match the rest of the windows it is what they advised me from there reps it wasn't pulled out of my hat and unfortunately for safelight they will have to honor everything they say it is all recorded as I am not niave I record every buisness dealing for documentation purposes. So therefor thanks for reading my response

Pissed consumer

New York City, New York, United States #660795

What's wrong with you people? Are you all that pathetic that you would make all these excuses and not deal with the real problem?

What is the real complaint? Does anyone really care? The customer called their insurance company who, "steered" or directed them to Safelite. Safelites sends a tech out who installed the glass incorrectly.

The Safelite employee on the phone told the customer the window would be re-tinted. So they made a mistake, big deal. Now the customer has a window installled incorrectly and it needs to be tinted. What are all of your lame excuses?

It doesn't matter how it broke, it needed to be replaced and re-tinted. Now the customer is asking, quite nicely, to have their vehicle restored to its original condition. I sure don't think that's asking too much. I know all of you would expect the same.

Im sorry they had to deal with this *** one should have to.

If it was me, at this point, i would get it fixed somewhere else, go get it re-tinted somewhere else and they should write their story on their local Safelite reviews in their local area, every Internet site and also on the Safelite Facebook page. Social media makes a huge difference these days!

to Just fix their window #663594

The "real problem," as you refer to it, is the customer did not pay close attention to the actual details of his business transaction. Don't assume facts never in existence. Nobody at Safelite ever said anything about the company performing aftermarket tinting for him, nor did any insurance company "steer" anybody to anyone.


you're so ***. it's safelite AUTOGLASS.

They replace glass, not tint them. The funniest part of this complaint is that you went to a company without any background knowledge on what they actually do. How can you be mad at a company that YOU chose and YOU scheduled an appointment for because they don't offer a certain product that YOU didn't even ask for. Ridiculous.

This place is for legit complaints. You're just an *** trying to blame a company for doing their job, selling products that they have. It's annoying dealing with *** customers as yourself.

How do you expect them to pay for your aftermarket tint? LOLOL what an imbecile.


This is bull. Hate reading these kinds of complaints.

First, you have aftermarket tint on your windows. Safelite does not do aftermarket tint. That's the chance you take when you get aftermarket tint, and one of your windows breaks. End of that story.

Second, you conveniently fail to mention how your glass broke in the first place. What are you rambling on about that it was no in an accident, it's broken! If it was a burglary, or whatever happened that caused it to break, it stands to reason something could have been bent in the process. Not at all outside the realm of possibility. If so, that's not on Safelite, that's on you.

Third, stop the hyperbole. "Violently shaking?" It's a quarter glass, not the San Andreas Fault.

to Entertaining Story #659259

On top of everything else, you're being incredibly uncooperative and unreasonable. You originally called on MEMORIAL DAY. Who else was open? Nobody. There isn't another glass shop in the country that was open on Memorial Day.

The work was done on Thursday, May 30. You didn't want to take the vehicle in before Monday, June 3. Despite this fact, they came back out ON THE SAME DAY to look at your vehicle. No delay whatsoever, they were back at your house. And now you're whining because you have to wait until Monday, even though there was nothing stopping you from driving to their shop before then.

Boo hoo. :cry Sorry, you deserve no sympathy.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #659154

You mistake was in paying the guy who (incorrectly)installed the glass at the very beginning. If you knew you were supposed to have tinted glass and the glass he installed wasn't tinted, why in the world would you pay the guy?

That was your mistake but now I suggest you contact your insurance company and complain loud and hard about the company they recommended. They need to know not to recommend these guys again. As for your window, find a reliable place to re-do it correctly. This Safelite Auto Glass company is obviously scamming people.

Edit your complaint so it is shorter and more succinct. Then post it on all the complaint, comsumer sites you can find so the word gets out about this shady company.

to nikalseyn #659261

Cut the nonsense, nikalseyn. There's no "scamming" going on in her little story.

No doubt the window matched the original tinted colors of her windows, a tint which she had modified when she had them aftermarket tinted. That's on her.

Next time, don't buy a vehicle and then have the windows aftermarket tinted if you're going to break one. The rest of her story is just as eye-rolling.

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