Safelite Autoglass Car Part Replacement Reviews

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Service Scheduling
Advertised vs Delivered
Product or Service Quality
Had front windshield replaced on my minivan.First thing I noticed when I got home was my antenna was missing. I had to drive 40 miles round trip to get it and they just handed it to me did not install it. A week later I went to use my windshield washers and they did not work. They did not connect the hose under the cowl. I had to remove the cowl and connect it.Three weeks later the rear view mirror fell off. I reinstalled it myself because I did...
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Thanks to safelite we got a really fast appt to get our kia fixed thanks to a *** who broke our back glass out we have used safelite before they was awsome then so we came back and once again they were awsome from the office people to our tech who worked on our car we r so very thankful for u guys thank u all so very much our tech was awsome went threw the whole process with us explained everything to a tee wonderful service.
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I had a apt at 8:00 am and they removed my windshield that took one hour and twenty minutes because they where training two young men and then they realized they had the wrong window an i had two wait another hour for a new window to come and then when new window came the two guys that where training where by them self and did not know witch way to glue rubber on i had to let manger know and when it was finished i got on freeway to go home and...
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I chose another company to replace my windshield, and the company told me that Geico would not pay them enough to replace the windshield, so to go elsewhere. They suggested Safelite because they knew that Geico had an agreement, I suppose based on costs, to replace windshields. I had Safelite replace my windshield, and I heard some cracking noises when driving. I am not sure what that means, but will wait to see if that resolves itself. I was...
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I liked
  • Friendly
  • Friendliness off the tech
They spent almost 4 hours on one window!! then called in 3 other techs to come help! They toke all severely scratched not broken windows out of the car installed only three!!! The fourth window right passenger window which was removed and upon trying to install the new window it was discovered the wrong window for the wrong car was ordered. The techs broke the four windows to try to retrofit the clamps from the old windows to a window that...
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I didn't like
  • Quality of the repair
  • Never showed up
  • That they steal my glass work