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I was really happy to find out that they would come to me and fix my windshield. I scheduled my appointment over the phone with a very nice lady and mentioned to her that I worked the third shift and would more than likely be sleeping when the guy showed up.

She told me that, that would no be a problem and as long as my car was unlocked that I would not be bothered. I asked her how long it should take and she said no more than 30 minutes. The morning the guy was to show up he called and I informed him that my car was unlocked and that I would be sleeping. He was to show up between 12 and 5pm.

He showed up at 6pm! Pounded on my front door and rang the door bell. I answered to find out that he needed to get in my car... I had already told him it was unlocked!

Then he walks around the vehicle to "inspect" it, and reports back that I have a small dent in my car door and a few stains on my seats. Who gives a ***? Doesn't everyone have those?! I asked him if this is really why he woke me up and if I needed to be out here for this?

And he said no, and followed it by telling me it was going to take him 2.5 hours to finish the job! What happened to 30 minutes and he was the one that was late!

So now I will be late for work and pissed off. Thanks buddy!

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