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I needed a windshield replacement on my 1999 ford van. Safelite came out removed old windshield said window casing had large hole in it and rust, hole is 1 mm in diameter perfectly round looks like a screw hole.

Told me I must have it welded, repaired by a shop, even though it is located above windshield where molding is. He left would not put old windshield back in or install new one. Can't drive van, no windshield, I complained to web site and was called by a rep was yelled at and cussed at. It has rained since and soaked inside van now having problems with it running.

Never been so disappointed and mad in my life. Also took molding with him

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #834631

I work in the the auto glass industry. He technically did the right thing by not installing the windshield, but in this case I would have installed the glass.

I worked for them. They train their technicians to not install if they see any holes in the pinch weld. If I were you I would call someone else.

Also the molding on that car comes bonded to the windshield, so the new one will have a molding attached.

to Anonymous Prescott, Arizona, United States #1105827

I am an Indy shop owner +|_ 400 k gross annually. Been in the biz for 20 plus years.

When a verbal agreement is reached to perform an install there is no mention of specific exceptions to the install. The installer was following his companys policy. However. Leaving a customers vehicle exposed is not a customer friendly practice.

I can think of many ways to remedy this situation at a nominal cost. The company the installer works for is the Walmart of the Industry. The write policy and own the networks that administrate insurance claims. Buzz the rusted spot or area with a wire wheel.

Prime with pinch weld primer and get it done!

I've seen much worse in my career. Respectfully ✌

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