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I love it when a company can go ahead and change your hours of work " you work 41 hours and get paid for 40", and cant give you any reason other than it was not approved. Or when your mrm malfunctions "clock in clock out" on your phone the boss just punches in what ever time they want. The fact the company makes multi million profit. But your boss sends his workers home insead of letting them get there 40 hours in. Or better yet workers that work late on tuesday by 2 hours get let off early thursday 2 hours so they dont have to pay overtime.

there nps incentive is a joke you have to get 10 percent of your total jobs feed back by email survey, so if there a week you dont get any responses back you might as well kiss your bonus good bye because for some reason people dont want to fill out the survey online. Then there is the fact you get a couple of passive responses 7-8 out of ten can kill your bonus too. When you join the company you get told alot of things but they never follow through on any of it.

And i love it when your general manager stands in front of you trying to sell you a pick me up "do a better job" and they have no intention to pay you anything.

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Safelite pays their techs more than most in the industry. You yourself mustn’t had put in the initiative to excel in your industry.

A weekly bonus that is based SOLEY on 1 question. I have techs making from 1-400 a week on bonus and averaging 38 hours a week so for you to say it’s bull you’re kidding yourself. And like someone said before if there isn’t work then yes you should be sent home. It’s a retail company that’s business is driven by sales.

Safelite looks out for more than just themselves and it’s ungrateful *** like you that give them a bad reputation. I’m sorry if you had a bad GM or OPS but guess what there are ways around that. You could have called HR/ business people partner and requested a meeting. If you really want to see who’s underpaid and appreciated look at your store manager.

We work from 6:30 in the morning to 6-7 at night. Then we work from home just like I’ve been doing for the last hour to make sure your route goes somewhat smooth. We are salary and while it sounds good by the time you add up our time we are way over the 40 hour mark. And guess what we don’t get weekly bonus.

Nor do we get overtime. Heck I have less than 1 year techs killing my paycheck. So go ahead and spread your tale to someone that has no idea.

I’ve been here for years and have seen pretty much everything. Safelite is a great company to work for.


Ha that’s a joke.


I cant agree more, your story is exactly mine and I have endless examples of why this place is "slavery in our century ". You're not a human anymore as you enter the front door, think you have a yok on your neck as you place your badge. No matter what you do, they have the money and they will always win

Columbus, Ohio, United States #1295414

you can choose not to leave.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States #1195539

So what your saying is that if they don't have any work to do they should keep you on the clock to make you happy. So that you get paid for doing nothing.

Ok I don't know what world your from but most companies watch the bottom line or they won't be in business long. You won't something for nothing!!

And as far as the nps surveys goes they only require 10% back a MONTH and 90% of all Technician get that plus more. The ones that don't, don't care to do their job. And if your getting a so called passive response then that is (your quality of your job) that the customer is responding to.

That is your fault and completely within your control. Have a happy life.

to Anonymous Lake Havasu City, Arizona, United States #1205950

You do have a point on the hrs. But as far as the surveys go it is kinda ***.

I do everything to the tee and in my area we have tons of grumpy old ppl that cant ever seem to be satusfied with anything. Example finger print on the bottom corner of the rear veiw mirror and the guy went off on thesurvey about it. Childish and petty. Costed me my bonus that month.

Another thing i dont like is if i have a scratched piece of glass boss tell me put it in cause it wont count against me but then it costs the company money for me to go back out and repeat the job, deal with glue mess, and a pissed off customer at me. It is embarrassing. Who gets paid to go back on a warranty that is labeled glass defect. Running circles redoing jobs cause incompetent warehouse or delivery employees and tons of reschedules with tons of pissed off customers.

On top of that, the *** low-jack thing that records harsh driving. My van is broke and the transmission clunks into gear on the first 2 gears so it records as if i am accelerating too quick.

Then i press the breaks and it locks up as it gears down recording as harsh breaking. Ive told everyone over and over aboutmy van and they still take money out of my paycheck for this bs...

to Anonymous #1262237

i work for safelite going on 15 years as far as your first comment

all hes saying IS true he only did not explained correctly no i do not want something for free but they have the right to send you home if there's no work but how do you explained that if your not getting 40 hours and get a second job to make up for the lost of income they tell you that you can not have second job there reasoning is that if more job came in you have to be available to do the work in another word if they send you home for lack of work tough for you and if you have a second job tough for you two because the will not let you go "because more jobs cane came in"the company whats to have it both ways also so they send you home AND YES THEY DO PLAY THE GAME on your pay so they make you do the jobs and if you get a little overtime the do not pay it "o sorry it was not authorize" but dispatch send to do the job sorry YOU the tech not dispatch had to call and get it authorized and on the second point yes the company only ask for 10% of surveys and yes the passive do get you but what the company does not tell the employees is that on customers mind the survey reflect all the people the customer comes in contact (and is the right way) so if someone on the phone or on dispatch screws the work order or they do not have the part(don't get me starting on that point) the customer WILL give you a passive but that response has nothing to do whit the tech performance or quality of the job and the company does not tell customers that the survey reflect more on the techs also the company takes all the jobs so and all that im telling has happen to me personally so is 12pm and your last job cancel the will give you another am job(8to1) so is 12 YOU the tech has to drive to pick up the ws then drive to the customer and has to arrive at customer location before 1 since they toll the customer 8 to 1 and this is a question for you if i arrive at 130pm and you where toll before 1 would you be upset i would and if you get a survey who would you blame the tardiness on probable the tech

to Anonymous #1456555

But it's ok for them to *** your late but work you 3 hours over because of freaking add ons then have not enough work next day. So save it you Safelite suck up.


Same at autoglass in UK mate


I feel your pain and have been confined to similar bonus plans which have more to do with luck than performance. It's all BS.

Unfortunately, this is our new world. Only a few really get paid, the rest chase the dangling carrot full of hope and promise, but it's always just a little to far away.

It's very sad. Good Luck!


I currently work for Safelite, in a contact center, and a lot of the issues that you have had in the past are now fixed.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #968702

It's a horrible company, they act like we are all family. But treat you like dirt and humiliate you in front of other employees.

The installer pay is a joke, you are lucky to make 14 an hour after they get done taking from your check and you can forget about ever seeing a bonus. Run away as fast as you can.

to Scott #1520749

I think all of you that are complaining are 1. either working for a *** market or.

2. you all just expect to make 100 thousand a year like they advertised in training. Do your job take your time clean and vacuum the customers car and mention the survey. Ive been with them for a year and a half and have hit my bonus EVERY week since I started.

I think the REAL problem is that they send you out with 7 jobs 5 days a week in the 100 plus degree weather. When you have unhappy/stressed out employees they are miserable at work and the quality of work goes down. surveys go down and the markets numbers go down.

MANAGERS!!! lighten the work in the HOUSTON MARKET!!!

Michigan, United States #897890

Safelite is a corporate company that only cares about profit. They do not care about the employee or the customer.

They expect their employees to work off the clock so it improves their overall numbers ( and saves the company even more money ).

However they do not tell you that if you are driving the company van, get into an accident, and are not clocked in they don't have to pay any of your medical expensises and can legally fire you. Safelite does not care about the customer and will push you to buy a windshield regardless of if you really need it or not.


I worked in corporate, and as much as I hate to admit it, many of the complaints above are indeed legitimate. Truly, I am surprised these negative comments are still here...they actually have an employee in Executive Services that trolls the web looking for things like this.

Be it employee complaints or customer complaints, they have their way of making them disappear.

They also fight paying ANY unemployment claims, regardless the reason or way in which an employee has left. I did not file myself as I knew it would be denied (I left WITH notice, but know their business practices way too well to have wasted my time.)

Safelite does it's best to appear to be a great employer...but it's not. I ended up there only do to lack of job openings at the time I was seeking employment.

They do not care about your education nor experience...to them you are simply a number. Heaven forbid you start in any form of call center they have...because you are stuck there until you leave the company...apparently they've never heard of "promote from within." Their employee retention rate is just dreadful...that comes from not appreciating their employees; giving crummy raises (we are talking about 25 cents an hour to 37 cents an hour for annual raises); expecting their employees to work over-time at a moments notice with no consideration for family or other things that may need to be tended to in an employee's scheduled time off.

I've worked for two MAJOR corporations in the past (real careers, not rinky-*** jobs like at Safelite) and was appalled at the way they conduct business. If they want to really become a world-class company, they need to install some major change - and soon!!

to HappilyNoLongerAtSafelite #1416288

I worked for Safelite at the Chandler, AZ location for almost 3 years. I was a very good employee that minded my own business.

I received attendance pins, good reviews, always received my bonus, got several raises, worked a lot of extra hours, had a fantastic relationship with my boss and department coworkers, (until I reported Roseen and Mary to HR.) was rehired after receiving my college degree. On or about Mar. 6, 2015 Mary and Roseen tried to have me not follow my supervisor George Franks rules. I tried explaining to these idiots, what my job expectation per George Frank were.


I was harassed and stalked by Roseen Latimer and Mary, my hair was pulled by Mary from the WFM dept., I was retaliated against for informing Trisha with HR about all these incidents. I was told not to talk about these incidents by Trisha (HR representive, who flew into AZ from Ohio) I was forced to leave, and now this multi million dollar company is fighting me over unemployment.


I'm new at safelite , not sure about the company 100 percent yet but but I won't let them to play with my hours I see others guys not happy either


Most companies don't let employees get overtime, and the fact that you were not getting your bonuses is probably your own fault. They set the standard and expectations, so it isn't the companies fault if you don't meet them.

Multi-million dollar companies could care less about you, but that also means they aren't spending their Tuesday afternoon figuring out how to screw over one individual.

If you do your work, and put in the time companies like safelite just leave you alone, which I very much enjoy. Stop being an *** hole.

to Anonymous #837810

This company is garbage I used to work for them so he has all rights to say what he feels needs to be said.


The pay period is weekly, but the way techs are paid is very convoluted and changes frequently. Four years with the company and I never fully understood it.

I could could go on and on about what a terrible business they were to work for. To sum it up; the technicans, who are generally highly skilled and are the face of Safelite (not to mention the true money makers) are viewed as expendable. My current frustration is trying to prove I actually worked for them. When a potential employer calls to verify employment (hire date, salary etc...) they get redirected to "theworknumber.com" where they can pay 30 bucks or so to get a report.

Most of the places I'm interested in working are smaller companies who would probably prefer to be able to make a 2 minute phone call to verify my previous employment, not spend 30 minutes and some money.

Safelite is either trying to discourage their employess from finding other opportunities or they have turned over so many they have no way of handling the reference checks. Or both.

My suggestion is to stay away.

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