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Let me tell you the scoop from the inside.

1. The glass they use isn't any better than any other glass company.

2. The first price they quote you, isn't the bottom line price.

3. The "discounted" price isn't the bottom line price either as they have what is called Regen. This is short for regeneration and that is typically the bottom line price.

4. Often if you tell them who you are insured by you can get a discounted price. If not, you will get the full high price.

5.They tell you that their technicians are trained for two months. This is BS. They are trained for maybe two weeks, IF THAT!

6. The sales people are told to sell wiper blades. Their "Hydroguard" blades are ***. They tell you that old blades will cause scratching damage to your new windshield. That is mainly false and only very bad blades will cause damage. That is a scare tactic to get you to buy blades that they get paid $1.50 commission on.

7. They will tell you that you are getting a "military" discount, "AARP" discount, "holiday" discount or that the wiper blades are "on sale" right now for $22.98. They're not. That is regular price.

8. As of June 9, 2014 they have started making it MANDATORY that you give them a credit card in 47 markets across the nation. Many sales reps write down ALL your card details in notebooks that can and may be used for illegal activities at a later date.

9. Their TV commercials are misleading stating that you can get a chip repaired at no cost. Just to let you know, a chip repair with them will cost you AT LEAST $100!!! (It can get discounted depending on who you are insured with)They say their repair resin is "the strongest" and "longest lasting in the marketplace." It isn't any different than most other resins you will get at other companies.

10. In training you are taught that "buyers are liars." THAT is just what they think of their customers. They also think that the public is "***", "clueless" and "morons."

11. They heavily preach ethics yet have very little with employees and are worse with how they deal with customers. They frequently make it nearly impossible to make commissions because they base making it on many different and intangible factors that you can't control.

12. They are a British owned company and say they have been around for 66 years. BS!!! They filed for bankruptcy in 1997 when they were owned by, wait for it, JP Morgan Chase. They are now owned by the Belgian company named D'Leteren Group.

13. They do very shoddy work. They have what's called "Executive Services" which is the warranty department. I take on average 5-6 calls PER DAY from customers that have had installation issues. There are around 1500-2000 people working in three call centers. That averages out to 7,500-12,000 poor service calls PER DAY!!!!!!! Something isn't right here!

14. Speaking of poor service. Their technicians regularly leave parts off of vehicles that routinely cause wiper malfunctions, door glass malfunctions, moldings attached wrong or left off, trim pieces attached wrong or loosely, damaged leather seats, damaged dashboards, paint, wipers, door handles, locks etc.

15. Many of the sales people make fun of and make racists jokes and comments about Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, "White Trash", Red Necks, etc. They truly think you are ***!

16. They have just taken(6/9/14) another price increase for their glass and mobile service fees have been increased in many markets. Hey, they have to pay for those expensive commercials you see on TV.

17. Much of the charity work they do goes overseas. Now, I'm not against charity but I also believe that charity starts at home. Let's take care of our own, THEN go outside the country and help out.

18. They have fired reps for giving available discounting to our veterans. YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY! They have fired reps for discounting service to our veterans!!!!

19. They will tell you that they "need" your full name and phone number. That is not true. They can give you that quote without that info. They are compiling TONS of data on you in asking for that, credit card info, email addresses, etc.

20. They preach ethical and consistent treatment of employee's. This is SO far from the truth it's ridiculous!!!

Folks, do yourself a favor and use a local glass vendor. Keep your money local and with a company that TRULY does care about you and your business.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #835127

Inside scoop from a referral Safelite employee. Referral is where you make an insurance claim (if you have the appropriate coverage) instead of going over to sales (the above reviewer is in sales dept).

I can also attest to how truly despicable this company is.

1. The glass they use in replacements truly isn't any better than the glass other places use and is actually often times WORSE than other places.

2. They lie to their employees and encourage their employees to lie to the customer as well.

My trainer told us that OEM glass (original equipment manufacture) is exactly the same as OEE (original equipment equivalent) as far as strength, clarity, etc and that it is just "lacking the logo." IT IS NOT THE SAME. I have personally seen OEM and OEE glass and there is a definite difference. If you request OEM then you are advised it may not be covered fully and you could have out of pocket expense. HOWEVER if your vehicle is one model year old or newer then most ins co DO fully cover the cost but Safelite doesn't tell you that.

You can only get OEM glass IF you request it and we're not allowed to even mention OEM glass until you do.

3. The person you speak to is reading a script. Oh we would slightly alter the wording here and there. the job was so repetitive we had to or we'd go bonkers.

And the scripting is all geared towards getting you to choose Safelite EVEN IF YOU WERE ALREADY AT ANOTHER SHOP. If you're at another shop it is illegal for them to outright try to take the business but the scripting would say something along the lines of "you have chosen a shop that is outside of your insurance companies preferred providers and if you choose to use said shop you may not be covered in full and your ins co cannot warranty any work this shop may do. Do you wish to continue with the shop you have chosen?" its a scare tactic. As long as that shop doesn't charge more than the "fair and reasonable" amount for the work being done and you have the right ins coverage then you are fine.


The scripting also makes it sound as if you are speaking with your actual insurance company. you are not. Safelite handles the glass claims for the majority of insurance companies. 19 of the top 20 in fact (Statefarm is the one that does not at least when I worked at safelite)


Safelite also takes claims for auto accident, home and property damage and even workers comp claims for certain companies. its called fnol or first notice of loss. Yet again, you are not advised that you are NOT speaking with your ins co. I did fnol claims.

the system has about 100 (or more) questions we had to ask and were not allowed to skip. Even if the caller told us they literally only had X Y and Z info. The questions ranged from name and contact info to details of the accident or loss and even asked for the social security numbers of EVERYONE involved (including children). This info would be submitted to your ins co but wouldn't arrive for 2-3 days.

If it was an emergency and your ins co had escalation procedures then we would send it to an after hours adjuster. IF the adjuster called us back, then the only info the adjuster asked for was the name of their insured, the policy number, a phone number for them and a brief description of what happened (ie auto accident, house fire, etc). the caller would waste 40 minutes answering all those questions when only 5 minutes would have sufficed. 6.

They treat their employees horribly. You have 20 minute breaks but cannot be even a second late logging back into your phone. If you are, it counts as an "occurrence" and if you get too many (7 or 8 if i remember correctly) you are fired. In order for cocurrences to fall off you must have 90 CONSECUTIVE days with no occurrences for the oldest one to fall off.

if you last 89 days with perfect attendance and on the 90th day you log in a second late then, oh well, the 90 day counter resets AND you have yet another occurrence. 7. Every call, every single one is recorded. Your manager and their managers AND a whole dept (quality assurance) select them at random to listen to and critique.

If you don't do everything 100% perfectly you are going to be pulled aside. And every manager judges the calls differently. I have gotten totally conflicting instructions on the same exact "protocol". I even got marked off on one call and got a zero because my manager's manager said I didn't ask a required question.

I requested that we listen to the call and it turned out that I did ask the question. If I hadn't stood up for myself though then nobody would have ever caught it and I would have had a zero dragging down my scores. 8. The commercials state that they can do a repair at no cost to you.

They fail to clarify that it is ONLY if you have "comprehensive" coverage. Safelite is not able to see your coverage until about 80% of the way through the phone call and not once in the scripting does it ever say to advise the caller of the fact that you need a specific type of coverage or that we can't just put in your policy number and see your info. I've had callers state at the beginning that they only have liability and I would let them know that if they knew for 100% certainty that they didn't have comprehensive then I would explain to them how the coverage types worked. Also, we were required to transfer to sales dept if it was confirmed that they knew they didn't have coverage.

I would have people call in to make a claim only to get all the way to where it finally allows us to see that they don't have the coverage. AND WE'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL YOU THAT YOU DON'T HAVE THE COVERAGE! It gives a scripting that says it needs to be "verified". 9.

If you have a busted door glass you can forget about getting it replaced anytime soon. The stores only carry the windshields in stock and occasionally the back glass. And if your claim has to be verified for coverage or its the weekend then it'll take even longer. If you are unlucky enough to get your door glass busted on a Friday and your coverage is in question then plan on having it busted until Wednesday at the very earliest.

10. If you have ANY sort of issue with the repair or replacement then you need to call within 30 days. It says the work has a lifetime guarantee (on the moldings, install etc. of course they cant protect against new damage) but I personally had executive services tell me that since the caller was calling in more than 30 days after the replacement then they wouldn't be able to do anything for them.

The caller in question had a windshield literally fly out when they had to brake suddenly. How is that NOT covered under the replacement warranty?! The adhesive was either inferior or was not applied correctly! 11.

Employees have only very basic knowledge of your insurance company, their procedures, how to get in contact with them, etc.

I know that myself and most of the referral employees that i knew would genuinely try our damnedest to help the caller even if it had nothing to do with glass damage but often times we simply weren't given the correct info or given enough info to assist. I could go on describing the run around Safelite makes it's customers go through, the inferior products used and the lack of

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