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I had broken passenger side window on Saturday and I drove to


CHICAGO, IL 60622"

They said I can wait in waiting room while they are fixing it and I trusted them.

After they finish with their job they told me don't use that window for 24 hours because clue needs to be fixed. Next day when I tested the window i realized upper rim of the glass in cracked and I am assuming they should have seen (or actually they might have seen) the crack while they were installing and they did not tel me. So I asked them to come and repair because it was under warranty.


Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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I don't know what are you guys talking about ... Cuz I went to a place call Gto auto glass and offer me am excellent service and about no company going to the extreme to please their customer you guys are wrong gto did more than I expected OMG free Internet in their waiting room tv reliable workers , time was what they told ...

Safelight is long from being a good reliable company friend went their and guess what ???

Yep difective glass hahaha there known for that *** :((( just go to Gto auto glass the best and yes they go anywhere mobile 323 222-0116 try them you won't regret .... :sigh



Unfortunately other companies don't go that far because they unlike safelite they don't install defective glass in first place. Also unlike safelite they don't give false information to "not a windshield expert" customer to prevent getting caught in first place.

You can always accuse customers by attributing "misunderstanding" and this not only help you but also consider as a manifestation how you (or a company representative; if you are ?) avoid dealing with real issue try to by pass and ignore the problem by accusing customer. (and if you defending the company (?) it is actually good because it shows the extension of beautiful works that are being done by safelite).

Since you are repeating yourself again and again with void logic and discussion and avoid discussing real issues which were mentioned earlier by just talking about other topics such as warranty and accusing costumer by "misunderstanding" which is obviously non-evidence based argue therefore no point to discuss this issues with you. and thanks for showing other customers who read this page that how safelite (if you are working for ?) follow up on customer issue by sophisticated logic! and avoiding the issues by focusing on other topics and accusing them.

and sure you can have a break and actually you need a break, mostly from the excellent job that you are doing (again if you are safelite representative!?) and help your self by repeating yourself again and again by not to the point argues and void discussions...


oversight , my rear end....another typical safelite employee..they got caught in their everyday practice of ripping people off and had to make it good..nothing else.. :roll


Give me a break. Did they or did they not come directly out to your residence and immediately fix the problem at their own expense? No company would go to those lengths to promptly satisfy a customer if they were disreputable.

And since you're obviously not a windshield expert, there is no doubt in my mind that you misunderstood what they originally told you about the glue.

If in fact they installed a defective windshield, then of course that's an oversight the guy that installed it should have caught in the first place. But stop your childish tantrum, they took complete care of you and did not put up any resistance to do it.



It seems you don't get the picture

1) The glass that was installed was damaged in the first place (i.e. damage did not happen after installation): why they installed damaged glass in the first place!???. Having warranty and re-installing does not change this issue at all.

2) I was told do not move the glass for 24 hours because of the especial glue that was used int he process: When they came to replace the glass for the second time the technician told me no glue used is used in the process and i observe the process as well and there is no glue usage in the process at all. Combine this fact with another fact that the damaged part was located in the upper rim of the glass so I could not see that because I did not move the glass based on their advice (which is absolutely wrong). So after 24 hours when I move the glass I realized they used a damaged glass...

So base on your logic if a company (or a specific person in that company) give you false information (? on purpose) and install already-damaged stuff and then you ask them to come and replaced damaged-thing which you were not able to recognize that damage in first place because of that false info then they are good it seems with that kind of logic (?) you could be a perfect person for that branch of safelite that I am complaining of...


I'm sorry to hear about your experience and hope we were able to rectify the situation. If you are still not satisfied with your service, please call our customer advocates at 800-835-2257.




Oh, boo-hoo. So, did they come out and fix their oversight?

If yes, and based upon your post they indeed did exactly that, then you have nothing to complain about and you're just another demanding whiner.

Golly, you had to sit in your apartment and watch your TV, this while they completed the repair on your car outside your very own window. Gee, what an evil company.


Jennifer must be off fighting another fire.


Jennifer - where are you?

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