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My insurance company pressured me to use these people. I wanted to use another company that my neighbor used but when I called Geico they told me not to use that company becasue they are not preffered.

I said I would like to since my neighbor was happy with service so they said ok after I had to say yes I wanted to use the other company 4 times. Well the day of my appointment Safelite showed up and said that they had been authorized by Geico to do the job and if the other company was going to do that I would need to get it inspected. The guy talked me into it and I let him do my truck 2009 Dodge pickup. When he was done I had no Ram Logo and the job was a mess.

I was so mad I called the other company and they said Safelite called them and said I cancelled the job and wanted to use Safelite. What a bunch of ***.

I have complained to Geico (not sure if that matters though they seemed to be part of this scam.) The other local company has been screwed out of my business and I have some windshield made in China in my brand new truck. DO NOT USE SAFELIE regardless of how much they twist your arm.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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safelite has the deal with insurance companies huge discounts for referrals you scratch my back I will scratch you it is all about the money


Its so simple you dont have to use Safelite PERIOD. Deal with your local shop keep business local dont send your business to out of country companies.

Keep your money in your community.

Tell your insurance company you want to use your local shop its the law. You can choose whomever you want.


They do use chinese glass..Fuyao...which is MUCH better than their own...and what they have done to you is called "Steering" which is illegal, and one of the biggest problems other companies have with them. I don't begrudge a company investing in advertising, and using creative marketing.

But to take a customer that has a preference, through unscrupulous monopolization of the industry, is just wrong. They do this...it's wrong...period.


Safelite glass is made in the US

Safelite Sales Rep

Safelite doesn't use Chinese glass. It's made in the US by undocumented labor. :x


I'm very sorry to hear about your frustrating situation. Have you tried calling our customer advocates at 800-835-2257 about this issue? If not, please send me your contact information at OnlineHelp@Safelite.com so that I can personally look into your situation and help resolve it.



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