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I had my windshield repaired on 1-14-10 by a Safelite autoglass tech that afternoon. My windshield had a dime size rock peck in it on the passenger side by the wipers.

I noticed when I got in my car that evening that the rock peck still looked the same after he repaired it. Usually they almost disappear. I thought maybe the repair was still new and it needed more time. Well now I have 2 cracks coming from the peck that keep getting longer.

I called them and they said I would have to get a new windshield.

I want my windshield fixed ASAP at no charge to me or my insurance! I won't be doing business with Safelite anymore!!!

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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Hey I have no problem with legit complaints. I'll read your posts all day is your complaints were about the work.

But as I said, you may have screwed by them like other people, just stop blaming it on your gender.

When you use gender as an excuse, it makes all the work womwn have done over the years seem like a joke. As a woman, I would never blame my gender for bad service anywhere.


If you don't like what I post , then don't read it..I WILL NOT stop posting trying to warn others of this company . I did call the number provided and their answer was for me to pay for their mistake...don't think so . so once again , if you don't like it , TUFF ..I COULD CARE LESS


I Have been reading your comments on TONS of these reviews. You seem to keep bringing up the fact that you are a woman.

What does that have to do with anything? do you use that excuse in your personal life. The fact is your gender doesnt affect if a repair fails. Do you seriously think the largest glass company IN THE WORLD, yes THE WORLD, would sit aroud and think up ideas how they can screw over women and purposefuly break windshields?

That is just ***. The fact is you had 1 bad experience, and decided to throm a tantrum when you didnt get your way. I bet if you called Executive Services and CALMLY talked to them (not the shop) and explained the situation, it would have gotten resolved for you.

Instead you come on this site and complain that because you are a woman is the only reason this happened to you. Move on with your life, its not the 1940's anymore so stop acting like you are victimized because of your gender.


still no word from safelite , they just choose to ignore you if you have a problem , what a bunch of jerks , anybody that takes their car to them is looking to get taken , if you are a female please go somewhere else , they WILL take advantage of you,,,Judy


Well i dont see how its my problem :zzz :zzz 8) 8)


Well , Jennifer

you wanted to take this offline but you won't give me a number to call YOU . you just want ME offline , you don't really want to make this right , just shut me up...NOT WORKING...the number you give to call is a much a joke as the *** that you sent to FIX my windshield...JUDY


I can't believe what a joke this company is...the only people you can find that defend them are the employees...still no number to talk to Jennifer...

my windshield is broken from one side to the other and now will not pass inspection . funny thing is , it would pass easy untill safelite "worked" on it...thank you Safelite for screwing up my car and it didn't cost but $ 65.00 , what a deal. by the way , the windshield for my car retails for $1,400.00 , no wonder they wanted to sell me a new one , my insurance agent is PISSED and has removed Safelite from their repair list , wish he had done it before they SCREWED me..


thats the way they operate , why repair it right when thet can screw it up and sell a windshield,,I honestly don't understand why they can legally do this time after time and get away with it..and Jennifer if you will give me a number where I can talk to you personally , I will be glad to...Judy


Safelite clearly doesn't want to take responsibility for their actions.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Policyholders, You have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE your auto glass shop. Don't let your Insurance Company steer you to Safelite. Cheap is not always better.


I'm sorry that you feel that way. We do not "gouge" the insurance companies, nor would we look to take advantage of you.

As a female myself, I am very certain that there are no gender biases or unethical practices going on within this organization. I hope that you'll allow us to take this conversation offline to come to an agreeable resolution.

After all, our goal is to delight our customers and we are working hard to try to do that for you. Please call back at your convenience.

to Safelite #1512963

I am responding to your post because you are from Safelite. I just had somebody leave from Safelite and I do feel like I was screwed over.

I had the smallest, I mean the smallest!!! chip in my windshield but wanted to be responsible and fix it before it got worse. It went from being almost undetectable to being a 2 foot crack down my windshield. And the repair guy goes and asks about a deductible after I already paid him $60.

What the heck was the $60 for then. Heck no. I am not giving you any more money and if I can get the money I gave your company in the first place back, I will. Services definitely not rendered.

am fighting this. I would have been better off not even having them come out. I’ve had work with Safelite one time in the past with no issues. I could not have been happier with their work that time.

But this time was a total joke. It was a complete rip off.

This will be going to management and up. Just ridiculous.

to Wendy #1512972

The spread happened while he was working on it. Not after the fact.


as I have already stated , I have called your little number , their solution was for me to bring them $250 so they can fix their screw up at my expense , they already gouged the insurance company , now want to start on me , do you really think I would let them touch my car again???NOT I am just trying to prevent some other woman from getting screwed by Safelite ..


I encourage you to contact our customer advocates at 800-835-2257 to address this situation further. In most cases, we can eliminate the appearance of the damage. However, there are mitigating factors that influence whether the chip or crack can be fully concealed. Remember that this is a safety precaution, not a cosmetic procedure. The goal is to restore the structural integrity of the glass to keep you and your family safe.

It can be difficult finding reputable auto repair service organizations, particularly as a female, but rest assured that our organization takes our customers and their safety very seriously. We're out to serve you and keep you safe, not take advantage.


to Safelite #1512967

I feel like at this point, any other auto repair service would be considered more reputable than Safelite.


how would you know that "that is not the case",,you were not there . when the guy got through it still looked just like it did before he 'repaired' it .

I have had several pecks repaired bigger than this one and they all but disappeared , this one never changed ..then it ran across my windshield . I really don't expect you all to do anything about it besides SELL me a windshield , I just trying to warn other people what to expect when they call insurance company said they will not use them anymore , too many complaints.....I just wish they would have known that before they sent them to do mine and learn,,,when you are a woman you learn to expect such as this ..


I assure that is not at all the case. We successfully repair hundreds of thousands of windshields annually. As I said earlier, the damage can spread due to dirt and debris, particularly if it is not protected or repaired soon after the initial damage.




I have talked to them and it is a scam...if you don't repair it right then you get to sell a windshield , you make more money , not hard to figure out ,,I am a female so I guess I was a easy TARGET


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Windshield repair is a safe and effective technique to stop the damage from spreading. However, rarely there are cases where there is too much air or debris causing it to spread further. Our repairs are guaranteed and we'd be happy to discuss this issue with you. Please contact our customer advocates at your earliest convenience at 800-835-2257.



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