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Wow, I am appalled at this company's lack of ethics.

I got a chip in the center of my truck's windshield about 2 months ago. I went through Safelite to have it sealed after my insurance company recommended going through them, and when the tech. was fixing my windshield, he told me that if it were to crack further, stemming from the crack that he was fixing, Safelight would completely cover the repairs. To make sure I understood him correctly, I restated what he had just told me and he assured me that was true. Awesome, I thought.

Well less than two months later..I go out to my truck one night and find a HUGE crack stemming from the initial's about 3/4 of the way across my windshied and directly in my line of vision when I drive so I wanted it fixed ASAP. I immediately called Safelite and told them about the prior service and the man who sceduled me for my next appointment assured me that Safelite would cover the repair. The next day when the tech came out, he demanded $357 from my us in which we were pretty dumbfounded. He didn't bother explaining where that amount came from but after I told him what 2 of his co-workers had told me he said he'd managed to knock the price down to $250. Wanting my windshield fixed immediately since it was going to storm the next day and I had to commute on the freeway, I payed the $250 expecting to get reimbursed when I talked to a knowledgable person the next business day. Wow...not so!! I even read all the paperwork they had given me, and according to their policies, it certainly seems like it should've been covered by them.

When I told USAA what had happened they agreed that it was very shady business and told me they were going to do a report and talk to Safelite about this. I spoke to Safelite again today, along with the regional manager who was extremely rude! She basically called me a liar and had a snotty attitude the entire time. Looks like I'm not going to get any of my money back (I figured paying 50/50 would be reasonable, but no, not to them it wasn't). I was then hurried off the phone when I was still asking questions and told to have a happy holiday. Wow. I've never seen such horrific customer service and such lying schemers! Do not go through this dishonest company!

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Wow, glass tech I'm assuming you work for this horrible company based on what you said? Wanting something for free huh?

All I wanted was for Safelight to be honest and follow through on their words. I had TWO employees tell me that they would repair the windshield for free since the workmanship done on the original crack was obviously not done correctly.

And I ended up having to pay $250 to have my windshield completely replaced. This place is a freakin scam!


another customer wanting something for free :roll To cheap to install a new windshield as if gluing glass back together doesnt come with a certain amount of risk that the chip might spread.

Rochester, Indiana, United States #227079

Wow I had the same experience with Safelite to repair a small chip. Instead their tech left a crack in its place.

Said the crack will not extend and proxy will hold.

Well winter arrived and the crack is well across the windshield. Safelite is charging me for a new windshield glass for a crack their inept tech caused.



I understand what you are saying and I DID read ALL the paperwork they gave me. I wish I didn't have to replace my windshield, but due to the initial crack they fixed with "a lifetime warranty" or "as long as I own my vehicle," for it to completely crack stemming directly from the initial one less than two months later is insane!

AND to have TWO of Safelite's employees assure me that I would not have to pay for the repair shocks me as to the lack of integrity with this company. I understand that they can't go around giving out free windshields all the time or they'd go out of business, but I expect to be treated with respect, for the work to be QUALITY work, and for a company to show their customers respect and honesty, which I definitely was not!

C'mon now, stand by your word! I will definitely tell everyone I know not to go through this company.


well i see the warranty every day and the policy states that if a previosly repaired rock chip is to crack out then the inital cost of the repair will be put towords the cost of a new windsheild that does not mean they give you a free windsheild because then every one would go out and hit the chip with a hammer and get a free brand new windsheild for the cost of a repair i mean come on guys this is common sence and your suprised that you don't understand


What you fail to realize is, you think you are talking to usaa. Your not your talking to safelite. sneaky huh?


I'm very sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience with our company. Our policy, which is standard in the industry, is that if the repair fails, we will credit the amount of that repair toward a replacement. Outside of our policies, it is customary for all of our customer service interactions to be polite and helpful.

The technician should have been clearer in his/her explanation of the policy (that can be found on the back of the invoice and on our Web site); however, it's unacceptable that our management team was anything but understanding and as helpful as possible.

In order for me to research this issue further, please e-mail your contact information and/or work order details to


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