I got my windshield repaired today and they guaranteed that crack will not come back and if it does we will replace it for free.

The windshield crack came back like in an hour and started increasing. I called them and they started telling, we don't offer warranty on such cracks. We cant help.

Great company to get ripped off. Make sure safelite dont touch your car.

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Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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North Platte, Nebraska, United States #664007

Auto glass professionals are questioning Safelite's stance that its "Advantage" guarantee covers work by Safelite AutoGlass and that Safelite Solutions, its claims management business, does not warranty the work it subcontracts to other glass shops.

The company's position became apparent when the Safelite's senior corporate counsel voiced hope Monday that the company would be voluntarily dismissed from a recent lawsuit in which a Montana woman reportedly lost both her husband and young daughter in a rollover crash, in which the windshield allegedly separated from the vehicle.

Attorney Brian DiMasi says Safelite AutoGlass did not perform the windshield replacement. DiMasi says Safelite Solutions, the company's claims management business, processed the glass claim on behalf of another glass shop which completed the work. Due to this, he says that Safelite should be voluntarily dismissed from the complaint.

When asked how "The Safelite Advantage" warranty comes into play, Melina Metzger, the company's public relations manager, says, "Safelite's warranty is for Safelite AutoGlass. Safelite Solutions doesn't warranty other shops' work."

What this is saying is that the problem was the installation of the glass, not a faulty piece of glass. Safelite does sell their glass to other subcontractors. Same as Safelite purchases, and installs other brands of glass also. Some customers request OEM glass available only through the vehicle factory. If Safelite installs it, they are liable for the quality of the installation, and materials used for installation. If their is a flaw in the manufacture of the glass. The company who manufactured the glass is responsible. There has been recalls in certain types of windshields, and Safelite has been contracted to change out the recalled windshields. If Safelite installs it, they will honor the warranty for that windshield also. 8)


the two guys going back and forth are safelite employees, google safelite lawsuit and see how their great company was involved in the deaths of two people.

to safelite ***ks #663607

OK, I googled it. Turns out it's an absurd suit, Safelite had nothing to do with causing any deaths, no Safelite employee was involved in the glass installation. So what's your point.


Another customer making up their own warranty. Must be that clean, pure Cleveland air.

Columbia, Maryland, United States #644814

They do a crappy job so it will crack and now your amount paid for the repair, to an over priced, distorted new windshield. Their rate is approximately $400.00 an hour for installation.

Read the reviews before you get ripped off too.

Now you know their trick. THERE IS NO WARRANTY !!

to Now you know North Platte, Nebraska, United States #645253

Don't know where your going to, but it's not Safelite at the rates you list. Unless it's a windshield for a bus, or motorhome.

Most windshields we install are between $150.00 to $250.00 average. That's including tax, and labor. Safelite uses many brands of glass. Same as any other glass company uses.

But Safelite does make mush of it's own glass, and has been approved through strict Department of Transportation regulations. That's how it receives the identification tag on the windshield. One more thing...If you can get a better offer anywhere else...Bring in the written quote, and Safelite will be more than happy to match, or even beat that price. Believe me...Repairing the windshield is more cost worthy to perform, than replacing the windshield.

We charge under $40.00 for a repair, and if your have full coverage insurance, most companies will cover up to 3 repairs, leaving nothing out of your pocket. I think you went to 7-11 to get your windshield replaced. You must be the person who came in recently asking for a Slurpee!

Get your facts correct. I can back my statements!

to Now you know #645720

Read the reviews? I consider the sources of those reviews.

The people that post on this site are generally lunatics, or are simply uneducated and uninformed about what they're complaining about. A vast minority of the complaints I read are reasonable complaints.

For example, your post is nearly as credible and informative as what my dogs leave in my backyard.

North Platte, Nebraska, United States #643837

Exactly! It's hard to believe how many people argue the case.

Just read the brochure that is given to you when you receive your receipt. It will explain it there.

Your not going to get something free for something that was already broken.

Just like fixing a tire with a nail in it. Your not getting a new tire if the fix doesn't work.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #643612

Safelite's policy is always that if a crack spreads out after repairing it, that they will then deduct whatever you paid for the repair off the price of the windshield replacement.

They do not guarantee that the windshield will never spread and in fact tell you up front that it is a possibility because they are dealing with broken glass.

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