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I am planning on selling my Lexus and have an interested buyer. I thought I would go in and get the 3 chips in my windshield fixed since my insurance would cover the cost. I told the guy I was selling my car and that I wasn't going to put money into the windshield so I only wanted the chips fixed.

30 minutes later the manager calls me back and says that the guy was driving my car out when their fix 'failed' and now there is a 2 foot long crack right in the middle of my windshield! Seriously? Why was he driving my car out when the 3rd chip wasn't even touched? So he was only going to fix 2 and not all 3 like they said?

We stood there for about 5 minutes of awkward silence as I said this *** me off. I told them I wasn't going to put money into my windshield and so the manager goes to his computer and 5 minutes later tells me that he can fix the windshield for $180!!! WTF

You say you can fix my chips, then break my window and force me to pay to get it fixed?! How is this (scam) company still in business?

What a great business model.. bring your car in and they'll fix the chips, but then they break your window and force you to pay for a new one.

I've filed a complaint with the BBB, but I have a feeling that this company is so bad that they won't give a *** and say that my insurance will pay for it.. yes after I pay a $250 deductible.

Personally I will fight this and file a complaint with the State I am in as well as look for a lawsuit. Where is the paper work that states the consequences of getting my chips fixed? I SURE THE *** DIDN'T SIGN ANYTHING NOR WAS ANYTHING GIVEN TO ME TO SAY THAT "WE MIGHT BREAK YOUR WINDOW AND IF THAT HAPPENS YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR A NEW ONE" <-- where is that paper work, where is that form? NOTHING was given to me. I got an appointment.. I went to my appointment and they took my car key and that was it.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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I run a glass repair co. we try to fix them but every now and then one just cracks.

the idea is to save a broken piece of glass.

We do several hundred repairs per month and can go months with out one cracking in middle of the repair. Cant say much about safelite but were in it to win it .


Sorry, get it right, there is no epoxy involved in w/s repairs. It is called a methacrylic and yes walmart is looking for you!


And you sir, are a complete ***. Most people that have half a brain can successfully repair chips and DO NOT CRACK THEM while working on them and even give a lifetime guarantee their repairs won't crack!

Why can't Safelite? They don't want to, they make money selling windshields $100.00 to $150.00 more then anyone else! We all know their scam. Can you say ripoff??

We can all tell you must be delusional and lie so much, even you believe your own ***. Any qualified repair tech knows the right amount of pressure to apply and how to get the epoxy into the entire damage, including the tips of each they wont crack. You obviously must not be very good at repairs by saying something as *** as, "one more time, already broken"... Blah blah blah.

Why don't you go out and get a new job, I hear they are hiring door greeters at Walmart.

That seems to be more your speed. :zzz


your a dumb *** they are trying to fix somthing that is already more time ALREADY BROKEN....THAT WHY IS CALLED A FIX just think about that mr happy pants trying to take them to court over a window with three rock chips that didnt happen at the same time..... and whating intel your cheep *** has to sale it to have them filled.......get some cheese for that wine ***!!!!

to you girl #729930

seriously you are a *** ***.. it was chipped..

they 'safelite' say they will fix chips and fill them..

not crack the entire *** windshield 9 inches long.. seriously go suck your safelite bosses ***

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