I guess all you need to get anything from safelite is to throw the tech under the bus. They will give you a new anything if you say it was there and now it's missing, or if you say you didn't have a mark on your car and now you do, no matter what the real story is.

Doesn't matter what the technician they hired, trained and has worked his but off for them says. So just remember when your rippin on Safelite the tech can only work with the tools he's given. Crappy glass? Not the techs fault it is put in his truck by the warehouse.

Wrong part? The warehouse put it on his truck. The only person taking heat is the technician not the other people that put them in the crappy position just throw the tech under that bus.

you know what they say the wheels of the bus go round and round. everywhere but safelite they only go in one direction there and it doesn't involve anyone higher than that technician.

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Homosassa Springs, Florida, United States #718410

The tech that worked on mine was just as aggravated as I was over the whole thing. It was the dispatcher that was the problem.

She wouldn't even listen to the tech on the phone and was very rude to one of her own coworkers.

The tech apologized over and over admitted he made a mistake but said dispatch would have to take it from there. That's when everything went to *** for me


I do feel like u should be able to leave feedback on more than just the tech im sure it's not their fault if its crappy glass and stuff like that give me a surbey so i can leave feedback on more than just the tech howmbout one where u can give complaints without having to rate the tech as crappy first

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