i had a chiped windshield repaired the other day by safelite. they decided to do the job on a day that it rained profusely all day and they opted to do the repair anyway.

well, guess what? it looks awful. now they won't make it right. it didn't go away at all.

after some research i found they should have drilled out the chip area then filled it with filler. also rain and debris effected the repair.

when i called them i asked why they did it in the rain and why they didn't drill out the area first. they act like they have no responsibility in this at all.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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California, United States #893260

haha NO GLASS company has 10 bad repairs come in everyday, from any one glass shop.. I CALL BS hahaha

i've been in this business for 25 years and have seen pretty much everything..

every glass shop that does repairs will have failed repairs, if you deny that, you are an ***..

but to say you have ten repairs come in everyday fom one single glass shop is ridiculous.. but you do make me laugh, so thank you for your humor.

New York, New York, United States #735648

The drilling out of windshields is an antiquated method used most commonly by a company called Chipio. They are the company you find at gas stations and car washes wandering the parking lot and trying to drum up business.

Avoid them like the plague. It is a complete scam. Do a Google search for them and you will find thousands and thousands of complaints, BBB cases and lawsuits.

Not to defend Safelite as the work should not have been completed in the rain, but they do have the highest customer service rating of any glass company in the US at over 98.5% success rate and over one million repairs completed annually.

The repair resin was independently tested and proven to be the strongest and longest lasting on the market as well. That is why virtually every major rental car company, shipping company and most government agencies use them.


Anonymous, you must see only what you want to see....do you not see the hundreds of complaints here on this one website? Why would you think someone with a glass shop is writing these complaints?

All of these complaints are coming from honest, hard working customers who trusted, that when they called their own insurance company, they would be serviced by an honest, reputable company that would do the job right....the first time. If you haven't read the reviews online, you should. No one wants to bash another company.

We just want you to stop making excuses and fix what was broken and stop blaming the customers for your own companies mistakes. Why is that so difficult for you?


Any windshield that has moisture in the damaged area will get trapped in the repair. All good windshield repair people know...

not to try fixing a chip that has moisture in it! When you put the epoxy in the damaged area, it pushes the water into the spaces...trapping the moisture in the star break! So when the moisture evaporates the break looks like it was never done! So it's the technicians fault for repairing it while it was wet!

Now you know the truth!

to An honest repair person Dallas, Texas, United States #705239

Yea I have about 10 bad safe lite repairs come Thu my shop a day asking me if I can redo them. But once you get a bad repair it can't be redone. Make sure you stick with the smaller chip repair companies where they hire guys who are properly trained that is the key to getting a good repair

to kenneth #715510

I was wondering why you bash safelite so much,YOU OWN A GLASS COMPANY,imagine that.what an ***

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