Case # 09-M-31988

Won Damages + Interest + Court Costs.... Yes, It is Public Record Now!!!

Don't stand for Poor Service, I didn't...No Lawyer and I will Show you how.

That is what they get for damaging my car at Glass Install and then dragging their ***.... They refused to admit fault and then they refused to repair and now they have to pay me.

Victory feels so Great... Don't use this firm...see www.ripoffreport.com

I am not alone and don't be one of us that has been riped off by this company.

Use another company or your local Body Shop...

Review about: Safelite Autoglass Repair.

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Safelite done me the same way, broke a Mercedes door panel that cannot be replaced. Safelite insists their technician took pictures of the damage before starting work on my vehicle.

Its funny because I showed the Safelite technician there was no damage on my door panel and counseled him about prying on my car when he DID NOT KNOW HOW TO REMOVE the door panel. A few minutes later the wood trim was broken and the door panel was still on the car. This is when the glass technician wanted me to drive the car to their Safelite shop (40 miles away) to allow his manager to fix my car..

Safelite says they have pictures of previous damage and this certainly is NOT TRUE! Just check the GPS arrival time on their truck against the time stamp on their pictures of the damages LOL


Another Copy and Paste by Dirty Steve! I wonder if he reads the actual complaints?


Safelite employees are not paid to do a job correctly. The are compensated by how fast they go.

Safelite offers low ball pricing to insurers and hopes to make a profit on volume.

Remember your insurer never refers you to the best shop, their preferred shop is almost always the cheapest. The downside is we the consumer suffer from horrible work.


Ever since I had Safelite fix my chip on my 2009 Tacoma, my winshield keeps developed bubbles everywhere. The truck is practically brand new, and yet the windshield looks as if it is ten years old.

Almost as if there is something in the cleaner they used to make the glass deteriorate. Also, the actual fix looks very bad, in past had much better fix from other companies where you could not see the fix at all.


Ever since I had Safelite fix my chip on my 2009 Tacoma, my winshield keeps developed bubbles everywhere. The truck is practically brand new, and yet the windshield looks as if it is ten years old.

Almost as if there is something in the cleaner they used to make the glass deteriorate. Also, the actual fix looks very bad, in past had much better fix from other companies where you could not see the fix at all.


I wish you could "show me how" I really would love to make them pay for my windshield that they broke..


My shop used Safelite a few times. Had to stop, too many customer complaints. They really do suck.


I work in the sales department and for the most part they do seem on the level. There are quite a few of their selling techniques in which I refuse to participate.

Also, I don't like how you can never get a store directly. You must go through the sales department. Every time you call a safelite location your call first goes through sales where a sales person will try and sort things out. Most of the time they are unable and have to forward the call or if you are most unfortunate, they pass on a message to executive services and you may get a return call from them in a day or two.

We also get a lot of complaint calls regarding improperly installed glass. We are told the techs go through a 6 month training period. And they still can't get it right? Geez...I could go on and on, but I'll save that for another time.

The techs do properly install an awful lot of glass as well so they all can't be bad.

And don't forget to haggle. You can get another $20-40 off if you ask.


Safelite cracked my windshield trying to fix it. The tech was very nice and was appologetic about the incident and I accepted the crack even though you could see it a lot more than the little star.

He told me, "Now that the chemical is in the crack it should not spread. If it spreads call me back and we will replace the windshield for free." Less than a week later the crack was half way across my windshield and now they want honor what I was told. Customer care did call back after a couple of weeks after a bad review and was trying to make me happy. At this point I do not want anything from them and I will take my car to a different "mom and pop" store because these large companies forget that they need customers to stay in buisness.

I would rather pay someone else double what safelite would charge just so they could not get thier hands back on my car. Stay away from safelite!!!!!


to the man who says safelite is great. you are retarded.

they install numerous pieces of glass that leak or have problems. so the customer comes to the dealership and i have to fix it.

i have fixed 34 windows, myself, in the past month that the retards for safelite have done. im sorry for anyone who has used safelite


Safelite does the work at most dealerships and bodyshops...duh


I recently installed my windshield through the insurance. I have a '09 BMW 335 with rain sensors, headlight sensors, and condensation senors so this is not the typical glass job you would expect. I questioned Safelite's skills and they assured me they've done plenty of bimmers. After installation:

1) The windshield sat a bit too low exposing both top corners of the glass.

2) The whether rubber strip on top of the glass was not centered evenly. The passenger side had too much stripping causing the plastic clip on the passenger side A-pillar from popping out. This is causing an annoying whistling sound at speeds above 45mph.

3) They then used a rubber mallet and tried hitting the plastic clip in place. They missed once and hit the metal part of the A-pillar causing a tiny dent.

4) On the opposite (driver's) side there was too little whether stripping material exposing a quarter inch hole where you can see the insides of the A-pillar and edge of glass.

5) Driver side A-pillar has a tool scrapping mark (from power tools) on painted surface, down to the metal.

6) Base of windshield has a rubber/plastic piece that runs across the windshield that suppose to catch water (like gutters) and channel it away from engine bay and electrical components. Rubber is no longer flush with the glass because they bent it backwards to remove the old windshield. The correct way was to open the hood and remove the gutters. According to BMW, this will cause water to fall onto some of the electrical components. Little drops here and there is o.k. but since the rubber piece is no longer sitting on the glass, it is inevitable that water will reach the components. Today, I had to carpool for the first time because of inclement whether.

Allen, what do you have to say for this now? That I'm looking for a freebee? I never accept freebees because you'll get pay for it in another way. Nothing is free in this world. This time, I'm getting the dent, scratch, brand new whether strippings and windshield done at the BMW dealership. The insurance adjusters are going to inspect my vehicle at the dealership in two days. I pay for quality. I gave safelite a chance but they royally screwed up. My car is a year old and I don't have a single scratch on it until now. Bottom line, I take great care of my bimmer and when I entrust my car in the hands of others, I expect the same level of care especially since they're getting paid.


How can you call safelite scam artists. Are you totally retarded!

Safelite does very good work and there techs are really nice. I've used them time after time and never let down. It's just some people *** so much that you dont want to hear it. Would you wanna hear someone scream at you as a result of a accident.

No body is perfect, people make mistakes. Do you obey the speed limit? Probably not, well thats a mistake!

isnt it? You people are the one to watch out for, always looking for something to get something FREE!!!!!!


Safelife has ripped me off as well, they are a bunch of scam artists.


You do realize that body shops don't do glass work. They call glass shops...like safelite.

I have used Safelite many times. Always a perfect job by nice techs.


calm down.


Whatever happened to local merchants. I needed an invoice and just got run around to 4 different people who were very indifferent to my needs.

They were already paid, I just need it for the corporate records! WOW no customer service with them anymore!!!!

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