Car was not even driven and called due to crack originating from the very bottom of the windshield. Tech came out and said it was from pit which is total BS.

The same exact stress crack originated in the same area which is why it was replaced in the first place - crappy quality, bad attitude and a warranty that is not worth the paper it is printed upon. So at any rate, previous' day's quote (online) was $234. I'm with tech, glass and car and ask for price, since warranty was a no-go.

Now it's $324!!! Told the tech no way, Safelite can eat the fuel charge - what a scam!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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supply an demand of parts is what regulates the prices of the install from week to week. its not a scam its just what the item costs...


If the crack was in the same place as before then it wasn't the windshield, it is something with your frame, of course that's not under warranty! It would have probably worked out better if you fixed what was causing the damage first!

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